Dance Assessment

Dance or Aerobics Routine/Assessment
Have students split into groups of four or five.
Give them the option to either create a line-dance routine that lasts the length of an
entire song or an aerobics routine that lasts 10 minutes.
If students choose to create a line dance, they must come up with a unique
combination of moves to an approved song.
Once students have created their dance, they should perform it for the class as well
as teach them the dance.
The dance performance should be accompanied by a group paper that details a
fictional origin, creator and reasoning for their dance.
If students choose to do an aerobic routine, they must come up with a segment of an
original workout and film it to make a workout video.
Students must then present to the class and walk around while their classmates are
following along with to make sure students are doing the workout correctly.
Students should prepare a group paper stating the purpose of their routine, safety
precautions, specific muscles worked and a written version of the routine
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