NETFLIX Bloomberg Game Changers

Bloomberg Game Changers: NETFLIX
DIRECTIONS: While watching the video answer the questions below. Be sure to answer all parts
of the question. This will be collected for a grade.
1. What did Reed Hastings do before he created Netflix? (2 pts)
2. How did Reed Hastings come up with the idea that turned into Netflix? (3 pts)
3. What service did Netflix offer when it first started? (2 pts)
4. Who is the Co-founder of Netflix? (2 pts)
5. What problem did Netflix run into? (3 pts)
6. How did customers rent DVD’s from Netflix when it first started? (3 pts)
7. Who did Netflix go to for help and to become a strategic partner/investor when they faced
challenges acquiring customers? How did this company respond? (3 pts)
8. What did most investors think about Netflix in its startup years (2000)? (3 pts)
9. In 2001 as a result of Netflix’s struggles, what did Hasting’s do? (3 pts)
10. What BIG BREAK presented Netflix with a second chance? What promotional strategy did
Hastings exercise? (4 pts)
11. What was Netflix’s initial subscription fee? What did competition force Netflix to do? (4 pts)
12. Hastings reinvented his company Netflix by providing customers with what option? And what
did people think? ( 4 pts)
13. What entertainment company did Hastings strike a deal with that was considered a “steal”?
(2 pts)
14. What did Netflix do that costed them 800,000 subscribers to defect? (2 pts)
15. In the end how did Reed Hastings and Netflix succeed despite all of its hardships and criticisms?
(5 pts)
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