TEST 7.5ABC TX TEK- Flow of energy

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7. 5 ABC Flow of Energy
1. Which organism in the food chain is responsible for transforming radiant energy into chemical energy?
A. Grass
B. Prairie Dog
C. Coyote
D. Soil Bacteria
2. What process in the natural world converts radiant energy into chemical energy?
A. Respiration
B. Phototropism
C. Combustion
D. Photosynthesis
3. Fruit and vegetable scraps can be put into compost bins. Water is also needed for composting to be effective.
With frequent turning, the compost will turn into soil after about three months.
Refer to the information in the diagram above. What is occurring in the compost bin?
A. Decaying causes the food to become cold.
B. The amount of matter is doubled.
C. Decomposers break down the organic matter.
D. All the microbes in the food die.
4. Essentially, biomass is stored _______ energy that man can convert to electricity, fuel, and heat. Through
___________, the energy from the Sun is stored in the plant material.
Which words best complete the paragraph above?
A. Solar; decomposition
B. Solar; photosynthesis
C. Heat; recycling
D. Trophic; production
5. Which organisms break down dead matter and recycle nutrients back into the ecosystem?
A. Grasses and trees
B. Rabbits and deer
C. Lions and alligators
D. Mushrooms and bacteria
6. When energy is passing through a food web, some of the energy is lost as heat. How much of the energy is
passed from one level to the next?
A. 1%
B. 10%
C. 50%
D. 90%
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7. The flow of energy in some Australian food chains is modeled in the energy pyramid below.
Based on the model, which consumers would receive the greatest amount of energy captured by the produces
in their food chains?
A. Wedge-tailed eagles
B. Chuditch
C. Ring-tailed opossums
D. Eucalyptus trees
8. What do the arrows represent in the diagram of a food chain?
A. The order of size of organisms in the ecosystem.
B. The importance of organisms in the chain
C. The direction of energy flow through organisms
D. The energy increases as you move from left to right.
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9. Which of the following statements best describes the flow of energy in the energy pyramid above?
A. As you go higher in the pyramid, the amount of energy increases.
B. There is less energy in a producer level than a consumer level.
C. There is no energy above the level of producers in the system.
D. Each group receives only a small amount of the energy from the level below it.
10. The diagram below shows organisms in a food web.
The organisms labeled A are most likely..
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