Alternate TRF Questions (1)

Alternate TRF Questions
What do I do when I am truly NOT confused about anything in my classes right now?
1) PSAT/ ACT Prep: Visit the College Board Website below and choose one question from
the Math, Reading, and/ or Writing and Language Sample Questions that confuses you.
2) College Interview Questions: Examine the 14 Most Common College Interview
Questions from the link below and choose one to explore.
3) College Essay Topics: Choose one of the 35 College Essay Topics from the link below
and use your TRF and Tutorial Session to brainstorm exactly how you would want to
respond to it.
4) MO Driver’s Exam Questions: Choose a question from the sample MO Driver’s Exam
(see the link below) that you do not know the answer to and use it for your TRF.
5) Teen Job Interview Questions: Choose a question from the link below if you are
preparing for a job interview and use the TRF and Tutorial Session to prepare for it.
6) Choose a question from below to ponder and work through on your TRF:
a) How should I communicate with my teachers/ bosses/ people in authority verbally
and in written communication?
b) Once I purchase a vehicle, what other expenses should I be prepared for and how
much do these things cost on average per month?
c) How do I deal with anxiety that I have about school/ tests/ new experiences/ etc.?
d) How do I choose a college that will meet my academic and social needs?
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