Module1 Catalog:
We encounter with a different audience in our life on daily basis, and we change the way we
communicate and interact depending on each audience.
For instance, I work in a computer software company in a technical support department and I interact with
customers all the time, in this case my audience is the customer so our relation should be professional,
the communications with customers should be formal through emails and phone calls, and they are
expecting me to help them in their technical problems and to be efficient in solving them, In addition, I
have to make sure that the customer is satisfied with my support as I am representing my company and
thereby ensuring to maintain the good relation between my company and the customer.
When it comes to my personal life, the relation with my best friends is informal, we can give advice or
even argue, sometimes our tone could change if we have different point-of-views, we feel relaxed and
comfortable while discussing a topic, and we can always be open regardless of the situation. We also
have the freedom to call each other by nicknames or call anytime without considering if it is appropriate or
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