The March towards Digital HR

The March towards Digital HR
Does using a slew of HR tools and apps make yours a digital HR? No. You
may even have replaced your legacy systems with new tech, moved your
operations to the cloud, and implemented analytics, but none of the above
actions bestows the digital HR tag for your organization. Why? HR is
changing again and undergoing a radical makeover, focussing on people,
work and platforms to build the organization of the future. It is rewriting the
rules of HR and constantly reinventing the function to provide an integrated,
digital experience at work—one designed around teams, productivity, and
empowerment. Therefore, it would be a mistake to consider that one could
bring about overnight transformation of the function into Digital HR by
installing new technologies or tools.
Digital HR is built on innovation, experimentation, engagement, and
transparency. As the workforce keeps networking and workplaces
integrate, new approaches are needed in almost every HR domain and HR
leaders are required to play an important role in driving the organizational
transformation. To bring about the transformation process is Digital HR in
action. The process involves the following actions that pan out in your
march towards Digital HR:
Redefine your mission: Adapting to the digital ecosystem requires a change in
the mindset and a sound knowledge of networked organizational structures. For
the management and staff to rapidly transform and adapt to the digital way of
thinking, HR must define its role as enablers and champion the digital
leadership models.
Replace legacy systems with integrated systems: To prepare the ground for
upgrading to an integrated cloud platform, you need to consider a sound digital
infrastructure that replaces outdated systems for learning, recruiting, and
performance management functions. The HR leader should focus on the
engagement and transparency aspects when spearheading the change.
Traditional administrative HR departments—payroll, talent management, etc—
must become a digital hub and must align to the company’s business strategy.
Build a dedicated team for digital HR: Having a dedicated team that works
with IT to design, prototype, and roll out digital apps will be a great advantage.
It is important that the team have exposure to new vendor solutions, AI
solutions, LMS and other tools that will improve service delivery and
Innovate and reinvent HR: Rethink your HR organization model to focus
efforts on employee experience, analytics, culture, and the new world of
learning. Organizations rely on innovation in people practices and performance
management practices. For instance, using data to find people that resemble
high performers in the company. In digital HR, it is mission critical to have a
periodical tech review strategy and to continually look for new ideas for
fostering innovation. Remember, today’s leading practices come from
innovative ideas developed around an organization’s culture.
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