ACT SOLVED ANSWERSHEETS - You must have observed many school principals and other administrators in educational institutions.

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Diploma in Educational Administration and Management
Part A
Q1. Based on your own experience think of an educational institution that needs change.
Discuss several methods that the organization can use to overcome resistance to change.
(500 words)
Q2. You must have observed many school principals and other administrators in
educational institutions. Create two lists based on your observation. In the first, list 5
things that the heads of the institutions do that are highly motivating to the faculty. In
the second, list 5 things that the heads of institutions do that kill motivation in their
faculty members. Next, from the two lists describe what generalizations for educational
leadership you draw from your observations. (450 words)
Part B
Read the following case study and answer based on what you would most likely do if you
were the person described in the situation. Your answer should be between 800 to 1000
Case 1
You are the head or principal of an elementary school in a city in your country. The
school has a good reputation and your teachers are well trained. Some of them (the 5th
grade teachers) recently had training on cooperative learning provided by a local
university. You arranged for this training and you support the ideas behind this
approach as a way to develop higher order thinking skills on the part of your school‟s
students. You have just received a phone call from a high administrator (your boss). He
tells you that he and several other administrators have been getting calls from parents
complaining about your school‟s “cooperative learning experiment”. In addition you
had gotten some calls earlier from parents complaining about the teaching approach,
but you did not take them seriously and you tried to explain the approach to parents.
You talk to teachers and realize that they have been getting complaints from parents as
well. However the teachers believe that the students are learning better with the
approach, particularly the slower students. You decide to talk to parents and they tell
you the following:
The program slows down my child; she is smart and doesn‟t need help.‟
Cooperation is nice, but in the real world there is a lot of competition, and my child
needs to learn to compete‟
Children don‟t really work hard in cooperative learning; they play and it is a waste of
My daughter does all the work for the group and it is not fair‟
Children in the group are unfriendly to my son; they don’t include him and he hates
How would you respond to this situation? (500 words)
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