Mainstreaming children

Mainstreaming Children with Education Scholarships
Aim of the programmer
The programmer committed to mainstream the children of disadvantaged group to avail the
scholarships and other resources available with government and other voluntary agencies. It aims to
facilitate the students of poor background to know about the scholarship opportunities available with
the mainstream institutions and strengthen them to attain such resources.
Programmer overview
It is the keen issue that financial aspect is one of the matters that leads the children of deprived
community to withdraw from their education. Most of the children from poor financial background
stops their education with middle school or higher secondary level itself, which facilitates them towards
laborers and unable to support their family economy efficiently. On the other hand there is lot of
resources available with the mainstream institutions such as government, industries, voluntary
organizations, etc. But the institutions and the community of deprived from rural areas and urban slums
are not aware about these kinds of resources. Hence this programmer of Kalvi Trust will be act as a
bridging source between the resources and the target community, and thus facilitates them to avail
these resources to have an educated community.
In this programmer, Kalvi trust will act as a facilitator to avail scholarship supports for the target
community of deprived children. Kalvi trust will have an exclusive training programmer for its network
schools and institutions to create awareness about the available resources and scholarship
opportunities with the mainstream institutions. Further it will update the openings and announcements
from the mainstream institutions to the school. Kalvi trust has its exclusive trainers on subjects to have
trainings for the children with the relative subjects and syllabus prescribed with the exams. Further it
will guide the schools for the enrolment of their children with the resources and support the selected
students towards proper and prompt receiving of funds and proper renewal support till the end of the
Impact created
Children and their families of rural areas and urban slums were aware about their entitlement rights and
the opportunities available in the sector of education.
Ensuring the entitlement of children under the education sector through various players such as
government and other institutes.
Various benefits from state and central governments were ensured through proper awareness and
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