Caramel Market Size and Industry Report 2023

Caramel Market Research Report- Forecast to 2023
Caramel Market
Research ReportForecast to 2023
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Caramel Market Research Report- Forecast to 2023
Market Definition
Caramel is obtained by heating a mixture of milk, glucose syrup, and vegetable fats at a
suitable temperature. Heating imparts a brown color to the finished product and regulates
the moisture content. Caramel gives distinct color, taste, and flavor to food products,
which makes it suitable to be used in bakery & confectionery, ice cream, frozen desserts,
and beverages industries.
Market Scenario
The global caramel market is witnessing a substantial growth rate since the last few years,
in both developed & emerging economies. There has been the introduction of premium
chocolates and other innovative chocolate products which involves use of caramel for
enhancing the organoleptic characteristics. Major manufacturers invest in new product
development and launch of various combinations such as fruits, macadamia nuts,
innovative rice-based snacks, and chocolate truffle.
Key Findings
Europe is estimated to hold approximately 28% market share in 2018.
Asia-Pacific region is projected to expand at an exponential growth rate during the
forecast period.
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Caramel Market Research Report- Forecast to 2023
The global Caramel market is segmented by Form, Type, Application and Region. By form,
the market is segmented into solid, liquid, granular, and powder. By type, the caramel
market has been segmented into colors, toppings, fillings, flavors, and others. Caramel
market has been segmented by application into bakery, confectionery, beverages,
desserts, snacks, and others.
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Regional Analysis
The global caramel market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, the
Middle East & Africa, and Latin America. Among all regions, North America is accounting
for the largest market share the year of 2018. The growth of the caramel market in this
region is attributed to various factors; one of the factors is the rising trend of food
decorations in bakery & confectionery products. In North America, the U.S. is estimated
to account for the largest market share throughout the forecast period.
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Caramel Market Research Report- Forecast to 2023
Key Players
Some of the key players profiled in the Global Caramel Market are
Puratos (Belgium)
Sethness Caramel Color (U.S.)
DDW the Color House (U.S.)
Bakels Worldwide (Switzerland)
Metarom Group (France)
Goetze's Candy Company Inc (U.S.)
Dallas Caramel Company (U.S.)
Alpha Baking Co. (USA)
The Warrell Corporation (U.S.)
NIGAY SAS (France)
Intended Audience
Caramel manufacturers
Bakery manufacturers
Retailers and wholesalers
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Caramel Market Research Report- Forecast to 2023
The Global Caramel Market is segmented into the following regions
Rest of Europe
Rest of the world
South Africa
The report for Global Caramel of Market Research Future covers extensive primary
research. This is accompanied by a detailed analysis of qualitative and quantitative aspects
by various industry experts and key opinion leaders to gain deeper insights into the market
and industry performance.
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Caramel Market Research Report- Forecast to 2023
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