You are planning to start an online store through a company website and mobile app for selling organic, hand-made, fruit or vegetable-based cosmetic products such as face wash,

Marketing Research
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Marketing Research
Q1. You are planning to start an online store through a company website and mobile app
for selling organic, hand-made, fruit or vegetable-based cosmetic products such as
face wash, face creams, scrubs, kajal, listicks, hand and body washes and lotions etc.
Before launching your product range, you want to understand the online shopping
behavior of consumers on web stores and mobile apps. What is the customer-related,
website-related and purchase order-related information that you would collect? (10
Q2. India is home to a thriving fake market — growing 20% every year — where garments,
shoes, watches, cowhide merchandise and jewellery are served as genuine products.
Markets like Gandhi Nagar, Lajpat Nagar, Sarojini Nagar and Janpath in Delhi, AC
Market Ludhiana are some of the hubs of fake merchandise. Passage of global brands,
changes in inclinations from non-branded to branded, a quickly developing economy
and a substantial youthful purchaser base in has made India a profoundly lucrative
market. Because of broad communications and web-based social networking
infiltration, the young are getting to fashion conscious. This has opened uncommon
doors for the retail showcase. Market specialists say it is exceptionally hard to evaluate
the extent of fake attire. The greatest concern is the clients’ fascination towards
pilfered items is straightforwardly corresponding to the cost of these items which are
sold at least 40% less than the original.
Given this understanding, the branded apparel marketers want to conduct a consumer
research to understand the consumer psyche and counter the counterfeit market.
State the research objective(s) and propose a research design for this study. (10 Marks)
Q3. Marketers have identified a huge opportunity for organized players in the used car
market. Currently, the pre-owned car market is 1.2 times the new car market in India,
well below the 2.5 times that is typically found in mature markets. The organized used
car sellers, which account for merely 15% of the overall pre-owned car space, have
started seeing a dramatic rise in volumes. Mahindra & Mahindra’s First Choice and
Maruti Suzuki’s True Value, are planning big time to expand their pre-owned car
business. Despite a 15% market share in second-hand car sales, the organized
segment is the fastest growing with a 36% spike in FY2017, while the growth for the
unorganized sector remained flat in the same period. There is an opportunity in this
market which needs to be tapped; but with caution.
The unorganized sector is trying to understand what are these areas that they need to
work upon as they are facing stiff competition from the organized players.
You have been asked to conduct a research to identify the target customer and
understand the consumer needs towards pre-owned cars vs new cars & reasons,
preferences for organized vs unorganized players, reasons for preferences, the prices
that they would be willing to pay, the value-added services they would want and so on.
a. Describe the profile of your target customer for a pre-owned car. Will the profile of a
target customer for a pre-owned car be the same as that of a new car? Why or why not?
(5 Marks)
b. For the primary data that needs to be collected towards this research, design a
questionnaire covering all the research objectives that could be used towards a
quantitative questionnaire-based survey. (5 Marks)
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