You are invited to work as a project management consultant on a project for construction of a commercial complex

Project Management
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Project Management
Q 1. You are invited to work as a project management consultant on a project for
construction of a commercial complex. Discuss the possible ways by which you
can contribute towards success of this project. (10 Marks)
Q 2. You are involved in an exercise to evaluate capital budgeting. The proposed
project has estimated initial outflow of Rs. 1 lac and outflow of Rs. 37,000, Rs.
13,000 and Rs. 63,000 for first three years respectively. Your client uses 15%
discount rate for capital budgeting. What would be your recommendation on
financial feasibility based on Net Present Value technique? Provide enough
details for justification of your recommendation. (10 Marks)
Q 3. “I am feeling jittery. How can I estimate how much time it would take to launch
our next store in Ratnagiri city? I have never worked on such project of opening
new store in new city. I don’t know what my boss is thinking of me? Am I a
magician to produce a number from nowhere?” Sudesh went on talking on
phone while Mansi kept on listening patiently.
Sudesh had joined a retail chain as a marketing executive six months back.
After showing a great performance for six months on an advertising campaign,
he was just put in this new project. When Sudesh’s boss briefly told him about
this new project, he mentioned that Sugesh should first work on time estimates.
Sudesh immediately called Mansi, his cousin, who had 10+ years of experience
of working as a marketing manager. After bursting out all frustration, he finally
asked, “What should I do?”
“Is it the first time the company opening a store in new city?” Mansi asked her
first question. “No, there are many people here who have done this before and I
am told that all facts and figures about those projects are all documented well”,
Sudesh responded. “But I am going to do it for the first time!” Sudesh was still
nervous. “You don’t need to worry! There are two ways by which you can go
about making time estimates. Either refer to data from past project or seek
opinion of earlier project managers.” Mansi started giving her advice to her
a. What advice will Mansi give to Sudesh about learning from past data? (5 Marks)
b. What advice will Mansi give to Sudesh about expert opinion? (5 Marks)
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