What are the top 4 metrics that you will utilize to deliver your report dashboard

Search Engine and Email Marketing
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Search Engine and Email Marketing
1. You have been hired to drive the online marketing program for an innovative
Ecommerce start-up dealing with ‘Baby Healthcare Products’ (NEO). This start-up has
been funded by Ecommerce industry experts having a great track-record of delivering
profitable ventures. Please layout the digital marketing road-map for NEO for a
successful market entry in India. (10 Marks)
2. Assuming that you have managed to create a reasonable traction for NEO (Q1) and the
management team wants you to aggressively target the top 4 metro cities (Delhi,
Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai) (10 Marks).
3. The ongoing Google Adwords campaign now needs a shift in direction. What will be the
strategy for the new ‘METRO ADWORD CAMPAIGN’ for NEO? (10 Marks)
4. Its time for the reality check for the marketing program undertaken by your team. The
management team at NEO is specifically looking to get a comparative analysis of the 4
metros that had been targeted as part of the METRO ADWORD CAMPAIGN.
a) What are the top 4 metrics that you will utilize to deliver your report / dashboard?(5
b) Which Google Adwords / Analytics report would you expect every morning during the
campaign status review meetings? (5 Marks)
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