What are the different strategies you will discuss in front of the board

International Business
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International Business
Q1. ABC Pharmaceuticals have developed a new composition to fight an
epidemic originating in Alaska. A lot of investment in terms of money, time &
manpower has undergone for this development. What are the various ways
through which ABC Pharmaceuticals can protect itself so that no other company
can copy their product composition?
Q2. XYZ is a well-known cosmetic brand in India. With the rapid industrialization,
the company wants to expand its business abroad. As a Strategic manager
prepare a report for the board of members citing the various reasons for which
the company should enter into an international market.
Q3. XYZ footwear is a leading Footwear company in India. They want to expand their
operations into international market. You have being hired as a consultant to XYZ
to draft their strategy for entering into international market.
A) What are the different strategies you will discuss in front of the board?
B) Also share the various choices for XYZ footwear to enter an international
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