Select any telecom project and explain the components of supply chain in a project

Monitoring and Controlling Projects
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Monitoring and Controlling Projects
1. Select any Indian company of your choice, and discuss how the company is integrating
quality within its project management process. Also, discuss how the company is using
project quality for gaining competitive advantage. (10 Marks)
2. Identify any Indian company using Six Sigma methodology and explain how the company
has integrated Six Sigma with Project management. (10 Marks)
3. To enable agile control of projects in general, and project supply chains in particular,
materials must be monitored and controlled in the multiple locations of the supply
chain. It is commonly assumed that inventory locations are well defined and that
material movements between locations are controlled transactions. However, on project
sites inventory management is often lacking.
This leads to some specific issues related to the alignment of the project supply chain
and how inventory is controlled. Frequently, the materials on site are not registered in
any inventory control system at all, and have to be visually checked to ensure that they
are available. In some cases, site inventories are monitored using spreadsheet
applications, but such inventory records tend to be flawed due to the manual processes
and inconsistent registration of material movements. Such problems with poor record
accuracy and suboptimal goal seeking among the project participants, indicates that
project participants are ignorant of other participants and their needs in the project
leading to elevated risk of mis-alignment and poor performance. (Source: Ala-Risku, T.,
Collin, J., Holmström, J., & Vuorinen, J. (2010). Site inventory tracking in the project
supply chain: Problem description and solution proposal in a very large telecom project.
Supply Chain Management, 15(3), 252- 260.)
a) Select any telecom project and explain the components of supply chain in a project. (5
b) For the same project discuss the role of third-parties in project supply chain
management. (5 Marks)
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