Mr. Amit is the departmental head of Marketing and has seven employees directly reporting to him

Management Theory and Practice
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Management Theory and Practice
1. M/s Subodh Enterprise is failing to make profit from last five years. The company has
no proper vision and direction to follow. The Directors have decided to replace the
current leader who shows less concern for people as well as profit. They appoint you as
a consultant to guide them on the various types of leader and suggest them one type of
leader that will be suitable for this organization with reasons.
2. Mr. Ajay wants to purchase new printers for the organization as the current printers are
outdated and the cost per print is high. Whenever the printers stop working the service
provided from the company is very poor. It takes them seven days to resolve minor
issues. This is affecting the productivity of people. There are seven departments and all
the departments printer need to be replaced. Explain the decision making process that
Ajay should follow for purchase of best printers for the organization.
3. Mr. Amit is the departmental head of Marketing and has seven employees directly
reporting to him. The seven members of the team are never in consensus with each
other on major important decisions. There had been heated discussion among them in
various meeting scheduled by Mr.
Amit. The team members are not having great rapport with Production and R&D
departments Head because of lack of coordination within the team. There is total chaos
and confusion in the organization. Mr. Amit is worried about the online course that he
has joined and has not been able to commit himself for the course. He is not able to give
time to solve the assignments, check the MCQs, and participate in the discussion forum
which are a part of the course. Mr. Amit s relationship with the seniors is cordial. He
doesn t like the Production Department head as the latter doesn t provide him with
regular reports and delivery status.
a. Enumerate types of conflicts and identify various types of conflict in the above case?
b. What are the various ways to resolve the conflict?
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