Kapoor & Co is a family run business, which has been in existence for many years

HR Audit
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HR Audit
Q1. Company XYZ, a technology start-up has grown rapidly since its
inception 4 years ago. While the company is increasing manpower at the
rate of 30% per annum, it is also losing a lot of key people. You have been
appointed as the external HR Auditor for this company. What is the overall
HR audit process you will follow? What is the specific approach you will take
to audit the attrition in the company?
Q2. Company ABC is a manufacturing company with offices across India.
They have well defined HR policies and an active HR team. They regularly
conduct an Employee Satisfaction Survey to assess the level of employee
motivation. Last 3 years has seen the satisfaction scores go down. One key
are of disconnect was found to be the compensation and benefits area.
Your firm has been appointed to Audit the Compensation and Benefits and
suggest appropriate steps.
What steps will you follow to do a compensation and benefits audit of the
company ?
Q3. Kapoor & Co is a family run business, which has been in existence for many
years. The MD, Mr. Kapoor, knew each and every employee in his company
and ran the company like his extended family. He was personally involved in
every performance and increment discussion and would take the final
decision for each employee. The employees were quite happy in this set-up.
After a few decades, Mr. Kapoor decided to retire from the company and put
in place a professional management team to run the company. The new
management team has been hired from other companies and has been given
a free hand to run the company. The new CEO has appointed your firm to
audit the Performance Management process.
a. Detail out the steps by way of a checklist you will follow to assess the HR
b. With the new management team leading the performance assessments,
identify 5 documents that should form a part of the HR policy manual related
to Performance Management and write 2-3 lines describing the relevance of
each document in this context.
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