FlipZon, a leading Indian e-commerce portal (selling electronics, books, clothing, toys etc. online)

Web Analytics
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Web Analytics
1. FlipZon, a leading Indian e-commerce portal (selling electronics, books, clothing, toys
etc. online) operational for the last seven years, had revamped their website recently
since their 60% of their lead generation was through the website only. The portal
wanted higher conversion rates. For some number of years, the e-commerce portal
was using Google Analytics to generate the leads. With the website getting revamped
there was a requirement that the Analytics had to be audited and Key Performance
Indicators tracked. What was the impact of implementing Google Analytics by the portal
and how the portal was benefitted in your opinion? (10 Marks)
2. An agricultural-technology (ag-tech) company DronaFarm deals in manufacturing of
agricultural drones. Since they are a new organization, they do not have a large onground sales force. Thus, their primary business is dependent on the leads collected
from their website. They found that the company’s sales numbers are not as per
expectations. In order to improve the sales numbers, they made few changes in their
website and again observed the sales analysis report. But after making requisite
changes also, the company was not able to generate enough leads. Hence, they
outsourced the task of online selling and marketing strategy to another company. That
company reviewed their website and analyzed the bottleneck in the sales funnel and
found that there were issues with sign up and purchase process.
Discuss whether a goal funnel can act as key driver for better return on investments
for any company. Also, discuss that having a Google Analytics account is a key to
better decision making for all enterprises. (10 Marks)
3. An online food delivery e-commerce portal ZomSwiPanda, has recently started providing
food delivery to their users from popular restaurants of the city. The user needs to login
to their portal, select the restaurant of their choice, select food from the menu, share
delivery address, confirm the order and make payment. The order is typically delivered
to the users within an hour from order confirmation. To be successful, the portal needs
to generate more traffic to the platform. A higher traffic with optimized conversion
would result in higher sales and success of the portal
a. What factors should be taken into consideration by ZomSwiPanda to generate more
page-views. (5 Marks)
b. Also, discuss how identification of traffic courses can lead to better conversions. (5
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[email protected]
+91 95030-94040
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