Explain any 4 main principles that you will follow while giving your suggestions

Organizational Theory, Structure and Design
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Organizational Theory, Structure and Design
1. Pyramid cements is a Cement manufacturing firm with a Pan India presence. Started by
two friends in 1974, this company has a market share of around 12 % today and aspires
to be one of the top 6 cement manufacturing and distribution company of India. The
management has been advised that the company needs to move away from the family
run nature to a greater level of professionalism. The promoters have planned to adopt
fully automated systems for business operations, propose change in performance
management systems and are looking at hiring fresh talent from outside. These changes
have created disharmony in the existing set of employees. What kind of resistance is
the management likely to face? What are the various reasons for individual employees
that will lead to resistance in this case? What will be the outcome of such resistance?
2. Organizations such as HUL, SAP, Microsoft and many more are committed towards
encouraging diversity in the workforce. What would be some of the factors that they
would consider while promoting diversity? Would you recommend that organizations
should invest in creating diverse workforce? What are the benefits associated with this
decision? Would companies face certain challenges while promoting diversity?
3. As a consultant, you are approached by an upcoming e-tailer who is into online sale of
women apparel. They want your advice on creating an effective organizational
A) Explain any 4 main principles that you will follow while giving your suggestions?
B) How does departmentalization and span of management affect Organizational
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