Enumerate how Cash Reserve ratio (CRR) is used as a credit control tool by RBI

Financial Institutions and Markets
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Financial Institutions and Markets
Q1. ABC Fashion Pvt. Ltd. is a leading apparel company in India. They want to
expand and modernize their current business model and thus requires
additional fund for the business.You have been hired as a Financial
consultant to ABC Fashion. As a consultant suggest the various methods as
to how ABC Fashion Pvt. Ltd. can raise funds through primary or secondary
market for their business. (10 Marks)
Q2. You are a financial Advisor in a financial advisory firm. Your client apart
from his existing investments, wants to diversify his portfolio in the mutual
funds. Help your client to know the details about the mutual funds. Discuss
the various characteristics, advantages and the disadvantages of investing
in the Mutual funds. (10 Marks)
Q3. Arun has recently got placed in a public sector bank. His manager asks him
to prepare a short presentation on the following. Help Arun to prepare with
his presentation.
A) Enumerate how Cash Reserve ratio (CRR) is used as a credit control tool by
RBI. (5 Marks)
B) Also discuss the contribution of statutory liquidity ratio (SLR) in Lowering
Country’s Inflation. (5 Marks)
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