Do you think that the induction of Sameera was wrong Justify your answer

Essentials of HRM
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Essentials of HRM
1. Sanskruti Ltd. is an apparel manufacturing company. Lately it was observed that the
absenteeism as well as the employee turnover has increased tremendously. An external
consulting firm was roped to understand the entire concern. The report presented by
the consulting firm specified that the workers are dissatisfied with their job roles as
well as they find no career planning and progression which is affecting the overall
organisational productivity. Discuss the objectives as well as merits of career planning
which can be included to make the employees happy and satisfied in Sanskruti Ltd.
2. Kadambari Enterprises, which is a family managed business in the area of food
manufacturing (Indian Snacks) has grown over the years. The business turnover has
now become 500 crore. The organisation never had a concept of performance
appraisal, the employees were given raise based on their seniority and relationship
with the management. Sneha the new heir of Kadambari Enterprises wants to change
the entire outlook and bring in the latest Performance Management System to bring
parity and justice for the employees. You have been selected as the head HR and have
been asked to present the benefits of appraisal and best PMS for Kadambari
3. Sameera is a fresh MBA graduate and has joined as a Trainee- Talent Management in
Fresoc Ltd. It is her first week at work and she is all geared up for some great learning.
To her disappointment she is just handed over some brochures to read. After a fortnight
she is assigned some task to work on. Sameera is really confused as she does not have
any job clarity and work is being assigned to her randomly. The entire month after
joining Fresoc Ltd has been a very demotivating as an outcome she resigned from her
a. Do you think that the induction of Sameera was wrong? Justify your answer
b. What could have been an ideal situation where young talent like Sameera would have
been retained?
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