Occupational English Test- Writing Sub-Test

Occupational English Test - Writing Task
OET is an international English language test that assesses the language
communication skills of healthcare professionals who seek to register and
practice in an English-speaking environment.
About the Writing sub-test
The Writing sub-test takes 45 minutes and is profession-specific. There is
one task set for each profession based on a typical workplace situation and
the demands of the profession – a nurse does the task for nursing, a dentist
does the task for dentistry, and so on.
The Writing sub-test structure
The task is to write a letter, usually a referral letter. Sometimes a different
type of letter is required: e.g. a letter of transfer or discharge, or a letter to
advise or inform a patient, career, or group.
Along with the task instructions, you will receive stimulus material (case
notes and/or other related documentation) which includes information to use
in your response.
How is writing ability assessed in OET?
Your performance on the Writing sub-test is marked independently by a
minimum of two trained Assessors. Neither Assessor knows what scores the
other has given you, or what scores you have achieved on any of the other
Your performance is scored against five criteria and receives a band score
for each criterion:
Overall Task Fulfillment
Appropriateness of Language
Comprehension of Stimulus
Linguistic Features (grammar and cohesion)
Presentation Features (spelling, punctuation, layout)
What happens if I write too many words in exam?
There is no automatic penalty for writing over or under the word range for
the task (180 – 200 words). However, each task is designed to be
achievable within that word range. If you have written significantly more, it
is likely that you have included irrelevant material or your letter is not well
organized. If you have written significantly less, you may have
misunderstood the task and/or the case notes, or missed out important
information. In either case, your scores for the five assessment criteria for
Writing will reflect any weaknesses in those areas.
What scores on the level descriptors do I need to reach on the
writing test?
You should aim to achieve the highest level in the descriptors for each
criteria. Test-takers securing grade B will have achieved predominantly
scores of 5 out of 6 on each criteria.
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