Unexpected Benefits Of Foot Massage

Unexpected Benefits Of Foot Massage
Our feet do a lot for us. They bear the weight of the whole body, allows locomotion, withstand
the worst of our jogs and endure countless evenings in uncomfortable and restrictive shoes.
Despite all of this, they are sorely neglected and are still one of the least pampered parts of our
body. This is because people are not aware of the benefits that foot massage has to offer to us
unlike any other part of our body. If you are living in Dubai, you can enjoy the best foot
massage in Dubai by the professional estheticians at Dubai’s best beauty salon - Balance Spa.
We will let you be aware of several merits of foot massage one by one.
1. Relaxation due to stress relief : Your foot handles the entire pressure of your body that leads
you to feel more tired and exhausted. Basically, your foot gets stressed out because of the
entire chaos it takes on. Therefore, a foot massage gives you a great feel of relaxation to your
2. Treats Insomnia - Foot massage induces better sleep and treats insomnia as your feet tends
to get more relaxed by getting rid of the stress to a whole lot of extent. This massage also helps
in improving the sleep patterns that might get disturbed due to the hectic and stressful lifestyle.
3. Increased Blood Circulation - Foot massage improves the blood circulation around your feet.
Most of us wear the shoes or footwear that are impaired or unfit which causes a lot of stress
due to reduced blood circulation. Massaging the foot tends to release the locked nerves or
stiffness that allows the smooth flow of blood around the feet areas.
4. Injury Prevention and Recovery - Foot massage aids foot injury pain and assist faster
recovery of it. Massage strengthens the tissues and muscles around the feet areas that help in
shielding it from any future injuries or pain.
5. Skin and Nail Health - Foot massage ensures to bless you with a good skin and healthy nails
through the constant usage of moisturizing essential oils. It is the best solution to your dry and
cracking skin, especially during the winters and will help your nail cuticles to stay hydrated.
6. Swollen Legs - Due to continuous sitting at the office or consistently standing at one position
causing your legs feel bloated and swollen due to excess water retention in your lower portion
of the body. This thing may cause you irritation, pain or even tingling sensations which some
might find it unbearable. Foot massage helps you to get rid of all the symptoms of swollen legs
and eventually reduces the swelling as well.
Now that you are aware of these miraculous benefits of foot massage, we are sure you will
never neglect your feet and will take care of it equally like your other body parts.
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