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Course : Industrial Relations &Labour Laws
Q1. ABC is a manufacturing facility making light bulbs. While the factory is profitable, the rising
component prices are squeezing the margins. The factory employs 200 workers and has a
registered Union, representing nearly 70% of the workforce. The workers in this facility have
approached the Union asking them to fight for higher wages to factor in the rising prices of basic
commodities. The union representatives agreed to take the issue with the management. Detail out
the process that the union should follow to have their demands met.
Q2. You are the Personnel Manager in the Rabale factory of Gautam and Co. The registered
workers union raised a demand for increase in wages. The management has not made any effort to
meet them. Some of the union members have asked the workers to go on strike and are gathered
outside the gates, shouting anti-management slogans and requesting other workers to join the strike.
The striking workers have made no attempt to physically stop the other workers from entering the
factory premises. The General Manager in charge of the factory has asked you to take immediately
terminate the picketing workers. Is this termination action justified? What steps will you take as the
Personnel Manager to handle this issue?
Q3. Company ABC is a MNC situated in Aurangabad. The factory manufactured luxury vehicles,
which were sold in India and aboard. The political climate in Aurangabad had become very tense
and there were minor agitations by several political parties. The main area of contention was
reservations in colleges and government jobs for the local community. There was a sudden
escalation in tension and a flash strike was declared in the area. Anticipating trouble, ABC shut
down their factory on the day of the strike. However, vandals attacked the factory and set fire to
some of the buildings and vehicles parked in the factory premises. After things settled down, the
company ordered an investigation. During this, they found that the vandals were primarily their own
workers, both past and current. Further investigation showed that the workers were unhappy since
they had not seen any increase in their wages over the last 3 years. Any worker who protested was
promptly laid off. The management regularly took on temporary workers whom they paid nearly half
of what they paid their full time workers. There were limited employment options in the area so the
workers were forced to accept whatever terms the management set.
a. Has the management followed the principles of healthy industrial relations policy including being
legally compliant?
b. Assume that you were one of the workers working in this company. What are your views on the
incidents that happened during the political agitation? How should the workers have handled the
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