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Business Law
1. What is the difference between valid, void or voidable contract. Please
explain the instances when a contract becomes valid, void or voidable
2. Please give at least two (2) real life examples on how the recent
amendments in Companies Act, 2013 has brought about sweeping changes
in corporate scenario of India.
3. Arun and Smitha are good friends since a long time. Smitha is in need of a
house loan with a bank and Arun has agreed to be a be a co-applicant cum
guarantor to help Smitha secure the house loan. Smitha after taking possession of
the Flat started defaulting payments of the house loan and absconded. In light of
the above instance, you are called to advise the bank on the following queries:
a. What is the contract between Arun, Smitha and the bank termed as? Identify
Arun, Smitha and the bank according to their roles in such contract? (5 Marks)
b. Does the bank have any right against Arun? If yes please explain in detail? If,
Arun voluntarily offers to pay the loan to the Bank, what are his rights? Please
explain in detail?
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NMIMS Global Access
School for Continuing Education (NGA-SCE)
Course: Business Statistics
Internal Assignment Applicable for December 2018 Examination
Assets Expense Ratio Return 2006 3-Year Return 5-Year Return
904.8 1.51 4.6 10.7 8.1
675.9 1.28 8.5 11.9 7.3
909.7 0.80 13.1 10.4 6.3
52.2 1.50 11.6 10.3 6.4
8411.5 0.63 10.9 12.4 8.0
282.3 1.22 7.1 10.2 8.0
9870.7 0.86 12.3 15.0 7.7
424.8 1.13 12.3 11.0 6.2
15422.9 0.72 14.0 10.2 6.2
497.9 1.36 8.6 12.0 7.3
547.3 1.09 7.5 12.8 7.2
5527.1 0.41 11.2 10.2 6.5
22592.9 0.46 12.3 13.0 8.4
240.8 1.42 4.4 10.3 6.6
2403.4 0.93 8.0 10.1 4.3
233.3 1.33 6.5 9.4 5.4
71.2 0.15 15.4 6.6 5.0
506.9 1.15 11.2 9.3 4.5
221.6 1.12 13.2 8.9 4.7
434.9 1.19 14.2 12.3 7.1
7834.2 0.56 13.7 9.6 5.5
152.1 1.34 12.4 9.6 4.6
815.4 0.73 13.0 8.9 4.5
85.7 0.45 13.2 9.6 4.0
166.1 1.41 3.3 7.8 5.3
47.2 0.74 8.1 10.8 5.7
6955.2 0.87 7.8 10.7 5.8
135.4 1.25 14.6 8.2 5.8
142.0 1.18 9.2 9.7 5.6
601.8 1.00 9.7 7.9 3.8
NMIMS Global Access
School for Continuing Education (NGA-SCE)
Course: Business Statistics
Internal Assignment Applicable for December 2018 Examination
1. For the data on 31 mutual funds given above, conduct the following analysis:
i. Determine the measures of central tendency and of dispersion for the five
ii. Provide the five-number summary i.e. the minimum, 1st quartile, median,
3rd quartile and maximum value for asset size.
Interpret the above results and comment on how the data is distributed.
(10 Marks)
2. For the same data on mutual funds given above:
i. Is there a strong association between asset size and expense ratio?
ii. Create a scatterplot diagram depicting the association between the two variables.
iii. Using the regression equation, predict the 5-year return of a fund whose 3-year
return was 8%.
(10 Marks)
3. Assume there are 400 athletes in a training camp, who are required to attend the
morning drill starting at 4 am. The attendance in morning drills is 70%, i.e. on an
average, 280 athletes are present. Fifty new athletes are admitted in this batch.
a. What is the probability of attendance being at least 70% among the new athletes,
thus ensuring the overall attendance does not fall below 70%?
(5 Marks)
b. The training coach thinks that this probability will increase, if the new batch
size is 40 instead of 50 students. Is he right in assuming so? (5 Marks)
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Financial Accounting and Analysis
Question 1
You visited Subway that’s the fast food restaurant to purchase a Combo worth Rs
499. The restaurant paid for the raw material and utilities amounting Rs105 for
each sale. In addition to that, the restaurant also paid for certain expenses in cash in
total Rs 50 per sale.
Discuss how these financial transactions will be recorded by way of journal entry,
also, discuss the various stages of the whole accounting process. (10 Marks)
Question 2
The Companies Act 1956 was the first Act which governs the various Companies
registered in India. However, in the year 2013, the Act was amended holistically to
bring more transparency in terms of accountability, presentation and disclosure
aspects in relation to various financial information of a company.
However one of your friend is of the opinion that there is only one difference
between the two Act , that is , the presentation of financial statements , previously
it was governed by Schedule VI and now Schedule III governs it.
Now, you are assigned with the task of convincing your friend that there is a huge
difference between the two Acts, by briefing him on atleast five other points of
between the two. (10 Marks)
Question 3
The following information pertains to the Income statement of Beta Ltd.
revenue generated from sales 1258000
closing stock 102500
profit on sale of securities 25540
Opening stock 50000
purchase of raw material 500000
direct expenses 150000
manufacturing expenses 67550
administrative expenses 68420
depreciation 15840
preliminary expenses written
off 4700
selling and distribution 45000
loss on sale of machinery 15000
interest on loan 46510
Taxes paid 25500
Earnings Before Interest &
Taxes (EBIT) ?
a. Redraft the information in the vertical form of Income statement and also,
Earnings After Taxes (EAT ) (5 Marks)
b. Calculate the gross profit ratio and operating profit ratio. Discuss, how they
from each other? (5 Marks)
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Essentials of HRM
1. Sanskruti Ltd. is an apparel manufacturing company. Lately it was observed
that the absenteeism as well as the employee turnover has increased
tremendously. An external consulting firm was roped to understand the entire
concern. The report presented by the consulting firm specified that the workers
are dissatisfied with their job roles as well as they find no career planning and
progression which is affecting the overall organisational productivity. Discuss
the objectives as well as merits of career planning which can be included to
make the employees happy and satisfied in Sanskruti Ltd.
2. Kadambari Enterprises, which is a family managed business in the area of food
manufacturing (Indian Snacks) has grown over the years. The business turnover
has now become 500 crore. The organisation never had a concept of performance
appraisal, the employees were given raise based on their seniority and relationship
with the management. Sneha the new heir of Kadambari Enterprises wants to
change the entire outlook and bring in the latest Performance Management System
to bring parity and justice for the employees. You have been selected as the head
HR and have been asked to present the benefits of appraisal and best PMS for
Kadambari Enterprise.
3. Sameera is a fresh MBA graduate and has joined as a Trainee- Talent
Management in Fresoc Ltd. It is her first week at work and she is all geared up for
some great learning. To her disappointment she is just handed over some
brochures to read. After a fortnight she is assigned some task to work on. Sameera
is really confused as she does not have any job clarity and work is being assigned
to her randomly. The entire month after joining Fresoc Ltd has been a very
demotivating as an outcome she resigned from her services.
a. Do you think that the induction of Sameera was wrong? Justify your answer
b. What could have been an ideal situation where young talent like Sameera would
have been retained?
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Strategic Management
1. One of IKEA s key competitors ASDA wants to enter into India into the
furniture product category. Conduct a PESTLE analysis for ASDA in India &
suggest whether ASDA should enter India or otherwise.
2. You have been appointed as a Strategy Consultant to the Burj Al Arab brand
wanting to enter India. Which one of Porter s Generic Strategies would you choose
to be operational in India & explain the reasons in detail behind your choice of
strategy? Once the strategy has been chosen, explain the categories of customers
you would target?
3. You are the Chairman of General Motors in the US. Your Indian subsidiary GM
India has been fast losing market share to Competitor brands which now account
for over 90% of the market share.
a. What turnaround strategies can you suggest to arrest the decline of revenues &
profitability of your company?
b. In your opinion, would it be considered appropriate to pursue a Combination
Strategy? State your response with appropriate justifications & reasons.
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Marketing Management
1. Mr. Hari has joined as a marketing head in a startup that deals with online
sale of Groceries. The online store is named as www.baniyakidukaan.com.
The store will start its operation in 4 cities namely Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and
Bangalore. The company faces tough competition from various online
stores. The company s major focus is to make the items available at lowest
possible price. You have been asked to prepare the 7P s of marketing mix for
the online store.
2. M/s Kids Corporation is planning to launch its own brand of Dolls across
India. The doll will be named Senorita and it will be available in the price range
of 600/- to 1400/- Rupees. The doll will be available in major types of
profession like Doctor, Lawyer, Teacher, etc. so that it can even inspire girls to
go for these careers in future. Design the Segmentation, Targeting and
Positioning strategy for Senorita.
3. M/s Joy Corporation wants to enter into the production, marketing and
distribution of Mobile Phones. The company is a market leader in Washing
Machines and Refrigerators. The company wants to penetrate into the ever
increasing Mobile Market. It plans to sell mid-range mobile phones where the
major competitors are Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi.
a. Explain various steps involved in the new product development of Joy
Mobile Phones.
b. Explain various marketing strategies that Joy mobile phones should
undertake during the time of launch i.e. introduction phase of Joy Mobile
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