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Information Systems for Managers
Internal Assignment Applicable for December 2018 Examination
1. Social media and data analytics are changing the scene for most industries today. It is said that
social media played a key role in propelling the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to power in 2014. It is
no surprise that with the elections round the corner in 2019, parties are getting their social media
warriors ready to help them combat this war in the digital space. In your opinion, can Social media
be used to influence voter behaviour? Can political parties actually leverage data analytics solutions
to reach out to probable voters? Justify your answer.
2. Malkan Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. is operating in the pharmaceutical industry with a number
of drug formulations in the form of tablets, capsules, powder and syrup. These drugs are available to
the patients through chemists or online pharmacies on prescriptions of registered practitioners only.
Besides, the company has some over-the-counter products that are available to any person without
prescriptions. The company markets its products through a network of wholesalers, who in turn have
their retailer network. The company is finding it difficult to maintain the inventory of the stocks that it
has at its disposal, warehousing processes and associated transactions including shipping,
receiving, put-away and picking. In order to streamline its operations to achieve efficiency, the
company is planning to invest in a SCM software. How would this help the company in achieving its
objectives? What are the risks in implementing the same?
3. You have been assigned as a project manager to deploy ERP System in a new start-up company
having multi-location in India, with standalone and disparate systems. This company has manual
processes, a high dependency on people for information, leading to a delay in timely decision
making. The organization has embarked on a journey to implement ERP system-duly integrating all
process and functions for quality transactions and availability of information.
a. Elaborate the steps you would take for effective implementation.
b. What are the critical issues that you need to address for the successful implementation of ERP?
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