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Organisational Behaviour
Internal Assignment Applicable for December 2018 Examination
1. Shanaya works as a creative head in the entertainment industry, where she is often required to
work for long hours. Her reporting authority Kiran is very inflexible who wants the work to be done
according to her liking. Shanaya tried to talk to her on several occasions and explain her as well as
other team members point of view but in vain, as Kiran would not budge. If anything is not done
according to Kiran s way she reprimands Shanaya in front of her peers and subordinates. Kiran
would pile Shanaya with excess work and make her work from home even during holidays. Keeping
the above scenario in mind, discuss the pitfalls of leadership as demonstrated by Kiran.
2. Anay works as a project lead in a pharmaceutical company. He is very famous amongst his team
members because of his approach towards them. Whenever his team performs well he always
rewards them. This reward comes in many forms like appreciation mail, gift voucher, and
acknowledgement certificate. Because of this practice in Anay s team they are regarded as the best
performers in the office. Analyse the situation and explain the elements of reinforcement used by
3. Shiva and Sanjay work in an Information Technology (IT) multi-national company (MNC) in the
same team as management trainees. They both got selected through campus placement. It has
been six months since they joined the company. While filling up their confirmation forms Shiva came
to know that Sanjay draws more remuneration than him. This had visibly upset Shiva and he started
dumping all his work to Sanjay. The strained relationship between them could be sensed by their
colleagues as well. Sanjay probed for this and from one of Shiva s new confidante he came to know
the reason.
a. What kind of conflict was between Shiva & Sanjay? Discuss the same with suitable concepts &
b. How can the conflict be resolved or managed by Shiva. Discuss
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