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Internal Assignment Applicable for December 2018 Examination
Business Communication and Etiquette
1.Large organizations where there are many people working closely, create unofficial and
informal channels of communication. What is this kind of communication known as and what
purpose does it serve in large organizations? List different types of this communication along
with drawbacks if any. ( 5 Marks)
2 Explain the various forms that non-verbal communication takes which impacts cultural
aspect of communication. How does verbal and non-verbal communication relate to each
other? ( 5 Marks)
3. Zenstar Technologies has the task of collating feedback from its customers before the
launch of its new product next fortnight. They need their customers to participate and be
forthright in the opinions they present to improvise and make any last minute course
corrections to garner the best response for the product launch.
a. Which computer tool for collecting information will be most suitable for the requirements of
Zenstar Technologies and why?
b. Advice on how they should conduct the whole exercise of gathering feedback from their
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Business Economics
Internal Assignment Applicable for December 2018 Examination
1. The manager of a company was analysing the trend of the products of its company (Commodity
Y) getting replaced by another substitute product available in the market which gives the same level
of satisfaction to the consumers. Calculate the rate of Marginal Rate of Substitution and analyse the
Combination Units of Commodity Y Units of Commodity X Total Utility
a 40 10 U
b 25 14 U
c 17 19 U
d 10 27 U
e 7 38 U
2. Neha has just completed her MBA and joined a startup company. The company was planning to
launch a new product in the market so the management wanted to understand the different factors
that can impact the demand and supply of their products in the market. Help Neha to prepare a report
on the factors impacting demand and supply of products in the market.
3. Alpha Ltd market share was declining due to high competition in the market so it decided to enter
a new segment. It wanted to determine the relationship between change in the quantity demanded of
the product due to change in the price of the product in the market. Assume that at the price of 100,
the demand for the product is 400 units. If the price of the product increases to 120, the demand
decreases to 250 units. Calculate the price elasticity:
a) Using Arc elasticity method
b) Using Percentage method.
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Corporate Social Responsibility
Internal Assignment Applicable for December 2018 Examination
1. Climate change is the current focus of business community globally and businesses worldwide
are including climate change related considerations in their strategic business decisions as well as
long term plans. Choose any one current and live company, Indian or Multinational and explain how
it is implementing any two climate change policies /actions to reduce their negative climate change
impacts and why do they look at climate change as part of risk management?(refer to the
sustainability report of the chosen company)
2. With the introduction of Companies Act 2013 for the first time CSR has been legally
acknowledged. Study the section 135, CSR rules as well as Schedule VII of Companies Act 2013.
According to you explain 10 benefits that will accrue to business as well as society due to this
3. Child labour is a violation of human rights. India is sadly the home to the largest number of child
labourers in the world. Children are engaged as household servants and are also employed by
hotels, service stations, food stalls, workshops, construction sites, carpet industries, etc. They are
even employed in hazardous and unhygienic forms of labour in textile, leather and cracker
industries, depriving the children of their childhood, and harming their mental, emotional and
physical development & well-being.
a. What according to you are five compelling reasons for the existence of child labour in India?
b. Suggest four strategies/action plan that can be adopted by business to make child labour
unattractive and non viable.
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Information Systems for Managers
Internal Assignment Applicable for December 2018 Examination
1. Social media and data analytics are changing the scene for most industries today. It is said that
social media played a key role in propelling the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to power in 2014. It is
no surprise that with the elections round the corner in 2019, parties are getting their social media
warriors ready to help them combat this war in the digital space. In your opinion, can Social media
be used to influence voter behaviour? Can political parties actually leverage data analytics solutions
to reach out to probable voters? Justify your answer.
2. Malkan Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. is operating in the pharmaceutical industry with a number
of drug formulations in the form of tablets, capsules, powder and syrup. These drugs are available to
the patients through chemists or online pharmacies on prescriptions of registered practitioners only.
Besides, the company has some over-the-counter products that are available to any person without
prescriptions. The company markets its products through a network of wholesalers, who in turn have
their retailer network. The company is finding it difficult to maintain the inventory of the stocks that it
has at its disposal, warehousing processes and associated transactions including shipping,
receiving, put-away and picking. In order to streamline its operations to achieve efficiency, the
company is planning to invest in a SCM software. How would this help the company in achieving its
objectives? What are the risks in implementing the same?
3. You have been assigned as a project manager to deploy ERP System in a new start-up company
having multi-location in India, with standalone and disparate systems. This company has manual
processes, a high dependency on people for information, leading to a delay in timely decision
making. The organization has embarked on a journey to implement ERP system-duly integrating all
process and functions for quality transactions and availability of information.
a. Elaborate the steps you would take for effective implementation.
b. What are the critical issues that you need to address for the successful implementation of ERP?
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Management Theory and Practice
Internal Assignment Applicable for December 2018 Examination
1. M/s Subodh Enterprise is failing to make profit from last five years. The company has no proper
vision and direction to follow. The Directors have decided to replace the current leader who shows
less concern for people as well as profit. They appoint you as a consultant to guide them on the
various types of leader and suggest them one type of leader that will be suitable for this organization
with reasons.
2. Mr. Ajay wants to purchase new printers for the organization as the current printers are outdated
and the cost per print is high. Whenever the printers stop working the service provided from the
company is very poor. It takes them seven days to resolve minor issues. This is affecting the
productivity of people. There are seven departments and all the departments printer need to be
replaced. Explain the decision making process that Ajay should follow for purchase of best printers
for the organization.
3. Mr. Amit is the departmental head of Marketing and has seven employees directly reporting to
him. The seven members of the team are never in consensus with each other on major important
decisions. There had been heated discussion among them in various meeting scheduled by Mr.
Amit. The team members are not having great rapport with Production and R&D departments Head
because of lack of coordination within the team. There is total chaos and confusion in the
organization. Mr. Amit is worried about the online course that he has joined and has not been able to
commit himself for the course. He is not able to give time to solve the assignments, check the
MCQs, and participate in the discussion forum which are a part of the course. Mr. Amit s relationship
with the seniors is cordial. He doesn t like the Production Department head as the latter doesn t
provide him with regular reports and delivery status.
a. Enumerate types of conflicts and identify various types of conflict in the above case?
b. What are the various ways to resolve the conflict? ( 5 Marks)
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Organisational Behaviour
Internal Assignment Applicable for December 2018 Examination
1. Shanaya works as a creative head in the entertainment industry, where she is often required to
work for long hours. Her reporting authority Kiran is very inflexible who wants the work to be done
according to her liking. Shanaya tried to talk to her on several occasions and explain her as well as
other team members point of view but in vain, as Kiran would not budge. If anything is not done
according to Kiran s way she reprimands Shanaya in front of her peers and subordinates. Kiran
would pile Shanaya with excess work and make her work from home even during holidays. Keeping
the above scenario in mind, discuss the pitfalls of leadership as demonstrated by Kiran.
2. Anay works as a project lead in a pharmaceutical company. He is very famous amongst his team
members because of his approach towards them. Whenever his team performs well he always
rewards them. This reward comes in many forms like appreciation mail, gift voucher, and
acknowledgement certificate. Because of this practice in Anay s team they are regarded as the best
performers in the office. Analyse the situation and explain the elements of reinforcement used by
3. Shiva and Sanjay work in an Information Technology (IT) multi-national company (MNC) in the
same team as management trainees. They both got selected through campus placement. It has
been six months since they joined the company. While filling up their confirmation forms Shiva came
to know that Sanjay draws more remuneration than him. This had visibly upset Shiva and he started
dumping all his work to Sanjay. The strained relationship between them could be sensed by their
colleagues as well. Sanjay probed for this and from one of Shiva s new confidante he came to know
the reason.
a. What kind of conflict was between Shiva & Sanjay? Discuss the same with suitable concepts &
b. How can the conflict be resolved or managed by Shiva. Discuss
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