Using HR Tech to Improve Employee Engagement

Using HR Tech to Improve Employee
To boost employee engagement and productivity, it is imperative for businesses to closely align
their workforce strategies with their business strategy. With changes in market forces, work, and
technology inextricably intertwined, the impact on interpersonal interactions at the workplace is
increasingly becoming overwhelming to manage. Enhancing the productivity potential of employees
remains a major challenge. This has given cause for business leaders to rethink the way
organizations understand, address and manage talent. Successful organizations are leveraging
technology to enhance employee engagement in the following ways:
Facilitating Various Communication Tools
Today’s workforce needs to be in continuous touch. Towards this end, organizations are encouraging
their staff to embrace a collaborative environment, and to not work in silos. With ease of
communication comes mobility, which is a major factor in attracting and retaining talent. According
to the 2016 Future Workforce Study, a whopping 82 percent of respondents said that their job
choices are heavily influenced by tech in the workplace.
Using the Right Sourcing Technology
It is important for companies to use the right sourcing technology that provides in-depth insights
into talent trends. There is a surplus of candidate sourcing tech in the market and not all of them
deliver on business objectives. In order to tap into durable talent, businesses must respond to hiring
demands faster and more effectively. In other words, agile sourcing technologies must be aligned
with business strategies to fulfil the talent needs of the organization. Invariably, such effective
sourcing efforts impact the engagement factor within the organization positively.
Gamification for Improving the Chances of Success
By providing the motivation to learn and creating an environment conducive for growth,
organizations stay relevant in a fast changing world of commerce. Equipping the staff with updated
skillsets and backed by regular training with gamification helps encourage engagement. The modern
self-paced training methodologies come with interactive and objective-oriented modules, thereby
reducing the chances of sub-par performance among the staff.
Providing Recognition and Feedback at Work
Toda’s employees are more demanding on both personal and professional fronts at the workplace.
They hunger for feedback and validation of their thoughts, attitude and work. Things may become
dicey when remote working is involved—remember, studies have shown that remote workers
perform better than the regular staff. Successful companies prefer using online platforms to track
and acknowledge performance and achievement. There is absolute transparency and privacy in
seeking and offering feedback from the employees.
All the above recommendations may look obvious at first and a given in the current business clime,
but then all these little considerations play a major role in increasing employee engagement and
reinforcing employer appreciation.
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