Shower Tile Installation

Business name:
Shower Tile Installation
8955 S Ridgeline Blvd
Highlands Ranch, CO 80129
Monday - Friday 9AM–5PM
Payment Method:
Cash, all cc.
Social Media Links:,105.0464165,12z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x3ffca9904633c793!8m2!3d39.5408888!4d104.9712465?hl=en
Old floor leveling
Residential Tile Installation, Commercial Tile Installation, Ceramic tile installation and Removal, Porcelain
tile installation, Marble installation and Removal, Granite installation and Removal, Grout application
and Re-grout application, Leveling pros, Under board installation, Becker board installation, Tile repairs,
Marble repair, Granite repair, Porcelain repair, Subfloor leveling, Old floor leveling, Highlands Ranch, CO.
Expert Touch Tiling has been trusted as one of Denver’s best tiling and surface repair and installation
teams for decades. See what makes us the best in the tiling business in Colorado!
Choosing the right tiling and surface repair team is just as — if not far more — important than choosing
the right material and design. In this business, the slightest angle miscalculation or misplaced tile can
and will snowball quickly, resulting in shoddy work that you will never be able to look past again!
That’s why at Expert Touch, we put painstaking effort into the details that matter to make sure you get
the very best for your money and never have to stare at shoddy work again. The way we see it, being
the best in this business comes down to one thing and one thing only: satisfying our customers no
matter what.
Unparalleled Skill and Service — We know every angle, every inch, and every nook and cranny of this job
and it shows in our work every single time. We promise every detail will be completed.
Respectful and Clear Communication — Our team is here to be your partner, not your contractor. We
make ourselves available, respect your opinions, and mind your schedule no matter what.
No Hidden Costs — When you work with us you will know exactly what you are paying, it’s as simple as
that. We don’t tack on hidden fees, over-inflate pricetags, or haggle up, NEVER.
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