Walk In Clinic

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Walk In Clinic
681 Flatbush Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11225
(646) 6930234
Mon- Fri 9AM–10PM
Sat 10AM–6PM
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Cash, all cc
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AG Urgent Care offers a licensed nutritionist and dietician services in Brooklyn to help you learn how to
navigate daily life while eating well to meet your goals.
Weight management – does anything carry more dread? Most of us need to lose weight at some point
in our lives, and we avoid it because it is so difficult. Let’s face it, it’s a struggle to lose weight. It’s the
last thing we want to do even though it may mean better health and a longer life. If you have tried
everything from the grapefruit diet to daily jogging and still can’t get to a healthy weight, come talk to
us. Our licensed nutritionist and dietician understands life and its challenges (and that even ice cream
can be managed!).
Together with Our Licensed nutritionist you will candidly discuss your personal health goals and daily
challenges. You will talk about the special occasions and holidays that can make it difficult to stick to an
eating plan. And, in private conversations with your nutritional coach, you will be able to honestly
discuss poor eating habits, indulgences and even your sweet tooth.
Then your nutritional coach will develop a personal weight management plan to guide you through each
day. A spreadsheet will detail foods and eating times that fit your lifestyle and you will have materials to
take home to support your efforts.
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