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Walk In Clinic
177 Dyckman Street
New York, NY 10040
(646) 693-0269
Mon- Fri 9AM–10PM
Sat 10AM–6PM
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Cash, all cc
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We know that vaccinations can be a controversial topic for parents. Some believe they are important to
keep children safe from disease while others believe the vaccines themselves cause illness. As a parent,
you have to make the decisions that you believe are best for the health and well-being of your children
and your family. As healthcare providers. we believe that immunizations are essential to healthy infants,
children and the general population. AG Urgent Care pediatricians provide the right immunizations at
the right age for infants, children, pre-teens, teenagers and adults. From birth through old age, our
pediatricians and internal medicine physicians make sure you are protected from disease.
Because immunizations are so important, and the schedule of giving them is so exacting, we rely on the
ultimate experts in this area, the Centers for Disease Control. They provide comprehensive guides and
charts for people of every age, and we have made this information available for you here on our
website. It’s easy to read and easily downloaded. You can print the charts to make it easy to stay on
schedule, and to track the immunizations your family has had.
If you have children you know that they can carry more dust, dirt, food and crayon marks that any other
creature known to man. They can cover their faces with chocolate, wear corn kernels in their hair, and
run through the mud with abandon. They also have runny noses, red faces and stomach aches at the
least opportune moments. Being a parent means knowing when to ignore dirt and runny noses, and
when to see symptoms that may mean something more serious is afoot.
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