Faster and more flexible product certification
As an innovative leader in
lighting testing and
certification, Intertek was the
first to launch the Class P LED
Driver program for lighting
manufacturers; now Intertek
has expanded Class P to
include LED Light Engines.
Intertek Class P Program for LED
Light Engines
The Class P program defines evaluation
and testing guidelines for standardized
LED light engine construction and ratings.
Intertek’s Class P program simplifies the
process of product testing and
certification to help launch lighting
products that meet safety requirements
for the North American marketplace.
Intertek is the first laboratory testing
company to offer Class P Listed status for
LED light engines.
The program was developed by listening
and being responsive to manufacturers,
industry associations, and regulators. The
result is a program that helps
manufacturers conduct testing to quality
and safety guidelines, while allowing
agility and innovation in a rapidly
changing marketplace.
Because Class P is a more flexible option,
the change is being embraced by major
luminaire manufacturers as a way to
reduce product development costs and
improve their speed to market.
Intertek will continue to be at the
forefront of developing and investing in
services that help our clients meet their
business objectives.
Advantages of Class P
Before Class P, options for manufacturers
were limited to standard recognized LED
light engines, which required an
additional investigation by a Nationally
Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL)
during the overall evaluation and
certification of the luminaire that utilized
the LED light engine.
There were also limitations for luminaire
manufacturers on the ability to
interchange LED light engines of
equivalent ratings from different
manufacturers without incurring
additional costs to evaluate these
alternate suppliers, as well as delays in
launching new products.
Class P for LED light engines, similar to
Class P for LED drivers, allows luminaire
manufacturers to replace a listed Class P
LED light engine with another of
equivalent rating by any manufacturer,
without the need for Intertek to retest or
review light engines and certification
reports each time a new light engine is
Intertek’s General Coverage Program will
also be expanded to leverage the use of
Class P LED light engines in getting new
products to market faster.
Benefits of Class P for LED Light
• They fully comply with the inherently
protected requirements of ANSI/UL
1598, so no additional thermal cutoffs
are needed
• They minimize the overall test plan for
applications where they are the
primary electrical source in LED
• They allow the expansion of the use of
LED light sources in temperatureexempt luminaires, which are covered
under Intertek’s General Coverage
• Greater flexibility with flammability
ratings of the lenses used with LED
Three Key Steps for Luminaire
• Evaluate existing LED light engines
• Evaluate future options for potential
replacement light engines
• Certify LED light engines as Class P
with Intertek’s ETL Listing
How Intertek Can Help
Intertek is pleased to offer lighting
manufacturers the widest range and most
flexible options for certifying their LED
drivers, LED Light engines, and LED
With a network of more than 1,000 labs in
over 100 countries, Intertek has the
proven capacity to provide you with a
complete range of global quality, safety,
performance, regulatory compliance,
labeling, and advisory services for lighting
modules, arrays, lamps, luminaires, and
“At Intertek, our
commitment to Total Quality
Assurance means we’re
always looking for ways to
help our customers find
innovative solutions to bring
products to market in a
timely, cost-effective way.
We’re thrilled to expand
Class P to include LED light
engines. By building on this
successful program, we
provide our lighting
customers more convenience
as they develop new
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