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Internal Assignment Applicable for DECEMBER 2018 Examination
Marketing of Financial Services
Q 1) Develop a Service Marketing Mix (using 8 Ps) for a private Life Insurance company of your
Q 2) Your client wants to invest in Mutual Funds that rebalance the portfolio between equity and
debt. Explain how it could be beneficial for your client to invest in such funds.
Q 3) You are a Financial Planner. Your client AshishShukla aged 23 years has just started his career
with an IT company earning Rs 7 lakhs per year. Ashish requires your help to make some financial
decisions. (You can make any assumptions to further build up your case.)
a) Ashish wants to buy a Life Insurance policy. He is confused whether he should buy a ULIP or a
Term Plan. Give justification and reasoning for the option you would suggest to your client.
b) Ashish wants your help to maximize his savings and to understand how he can get the maximum
benefit of compounding to grow his investments. Help Ashish develop a investment plan to meet his
life goals.
Corporate Finance
1. ABC Co. sells 10,000 units at a price of Rs. 10 per unit. ABC s total fixed cost is Rs. 20,000,
Interest expense 10,000, and variable cost is Rs. 6 per unit. Find ABC s degree of operating
leverage, degree of financial leverage and find degree of total leverage.
ABC s parent company has Rs. 2.5 million is assets that are currently financed by 100% equity. Its
EBIT is Rs.600,000 and its tax rate is 30%. If ABC s parent changes its capital structure to include
40% debt, what is its ROE before and after the change? Assume interest rate on debt is 10%.
Comment why the ROE increases after adding debt.
Assuming all other things remain same, how will the ROE change if interest on debt is suddenly
increased to 20% ? Elaborate on the same
2. Kuber Company has a target capital structure of 50% debt and 50% equity, with an after tax cost
of debt of 8%. Cost of retained earnings is 14%. Its profit after tax is Rs, 250,000.
Kuber is considering the following projects to invest in
Project Size of project IRR of project
Project A 100,000 12.0%
Project B 120,000 11.5%
Project C 120,000 11.0%
Project D 120,000 10.5%
Project E 100,000 10.0%
Find the company s weighted average cost of capital.
If the company accepts all the projects that it could invest in just from its profit after tax and
considering their IRRs, which projects should it take up? Give reason. What will be its total
investment in these projects?
Taking into account its target capital structure, how much of equity portion should the company
invest in these projects? If the company follows Irrelevance Approach (Modigliani and Miller) or
residual dividend policy, what will be its dividend payout ratio?
3. Hi-Tech company s partial balance sheet for 2 years is given below
Current Assets (Rs. Lakhs)
Year 2017
Year 2018
Raw materials
Finished goods
Other current assets
Current liabilities (Rs. Lakhs)
Other current liabilities
Due to a new product launch, Hi-Tech s sales grew at a faster pace in year 2018. Hi-Tech s working
capital bank had been assessing its Maximum Permissible Bank Finance (MPBF) under Method 1 till
2017, but due to a credit squeeze it suddenly changed to Method 2 in year 2018.
a) What is the change in net working capital between 2018 and 2017?
b) What is the change in MPBF limit assigned by the bank from year 2017 to 2018? With this change
in MPBF limit, will the working capital financing from the bank increase or decrease?
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Cost & Management Accounting
Question 1 Amman ,Namman, Pulkit and Amit started with a fast food restaurant, couples of years
back. This year all the partners of the restaurant are planning to come up with a chain of restaurant
in the city and therefore wants to employ some additional staff. One of the partner, gives an
advertisement for recruitment in the Newspaper, for the position of Cost Accountant as well as
Management Accountant. However, Mr. Shinde, the HR manager of the restaurant is confused
about difference in the functions performed by the Cost Accountant and Management Accountant.
Discuss how you will convince Mr. Shinde that both the profiles have certain specific set of functions
to be performed, which are different from each other.
Question 2 PrachiPvt Ltd manufactures two types of wooden boxes, using certain common facilities.
The following cost data is presented to you Box A Type Box B Type Units produced 2000 3000 Direct Labour hours per unit 1 2 Machine hours
per unit 5 7 Set up machines 10 15 Orders 10 20 Machine activity expenses Expenses incurred to
set up the machines ||Expenses in relation to the orders received Rs 500000 Rs50000 Rs 15500
Calculate the overhead per unit absorbed using the most practical and effective approach, which
gives relevance to the casual relationship of cost drivers to activities. Also, discuss the approach in
Question 3 A product X passes through two processes. The output of Process I becomes the input
of Process II. The quantity of raw material introduced into process I is 20000kgs @ 20 per Kg. The
additional cost incurred and output obtained for one of the month under review is as underProcess I Process II Direct Material 80000 50000 Direct Labour 60000 20000 Production Overhead
24000 11000 Normal Loss 5% 2% Output 18500 18200 Loss resalable as scrap per unit Rs10 Rs 5
Calculate i. Value of Abnormal gain/ loss in Process I
ii. Value of Abnormal gain/ loss in Process II
Financial Institutions and Markets
Q1. ABC Fashion Pvt. Ltd. is a leading apparel company in India. They want to expand and
modernize their current business model and thus requires additional fund for the business.
You have been hired as a Financial consultant to ABC Fashion. As a consultant suggest the various
methods as to how ABC Fashion Pvt. Ltd. can raise funds through primary or secondary market for
their business.
Q2. You are a financial Advisor in a financial advisory firm. Your client apart from his existing
investments, wants to diversify his portfolio in the mutual funds. Help your client to know the details
about the mutual funds. Discuss the various characteristics, advantages and the disadvantages of
investing in the Mutual funds.
Q3. Arun has recently got placed in a public sector bank. His manager asks him to prepare a short
presentation on the following. Help Arun to prepare with his presentation.
A) Enumerate how Cash Reserve ratio (CRR) is used as a credit control tool by RBI.
B) Also discuss the contribution of statutory liquidity ratio (SLR) in Lowering Country s Inflation.
Industrial Relations &Labour Laws
Q1. ABC is a manufacturing facility making light bulbs. While the factory is profitable, the rising
component prices are squeezing the margins. The factory employs 200 workers and has a
registered Union, representing nearly 70% of the workforce. The workers in this facility have
approached the Union asking them to fight for higher wages to factor in the rising prices of basic
commodities. The union representatives agreed to take the issue with the management. Detail out
the process that the union should follow to have their demands met.
Q2. You are the Personnel Manager in the Rabale factory of Gautam and Co. The registered
workers union raised a demand for increase in wages. The management has not made any effort to
meet them. Some of the union members have asked the workers to go on strike and are gathered
outside the gates, shouting anti-management slogans and requesting other workers to join the strike.
The striking workers have made no attempt to physically stop the other workers from entering the
factory premises. The General Manager in charge of the factory has asked you to take immediately
terminate the picketing workers. Is this termination action justified? What steps will you take as the
Personnel Manager to handle this issue?
Q3. Company ABC is a MNC situated in Aurangabad. The factory manufactured luxury vehicles,
which were sold in India and aboard. The political climate in Aurangabad had become very tense
and there were minor agitations by several political parties. The main area of contention was
reservations in colleges and government jobs for the local community. There was a sudden
escalation in tension and a flash strike was declared in the area. Anticipating trouble, ABC shut
down their factory on the day of the strike. However, vandals attacked the factory and set fire to
some of the buildings and vehicles parked in the factory premises. After things settled down, the
company ordered an investigation. During this, they found that the vandals were primarily their own
workers, both past and current. Further investigation showed that the workers were unhappy since
they had not seen any increase in their wages over the last 3 years. Any worker who protested was
promptly laid off. The management regularly took on temporary workers whom they paid nearly half
of what they paid their full time workers. There were limited employment options in the area so the
workers were forced to accept whatever terms the management set.
a. Has the management followed the principles of healthy industrial relations policy including being
legally compliant?
b. Assume that you were one of the workers working in this company. What are your views on the
incidents that happened during the political agitation? How should the workers have handled the
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Manpower Planning Recruitment & Selection
1. Karen joined Illuminati Magics Ltd. an IT firm as GM HR. After joining first observation she made
was that employees did not have a role clarity. She allocated several tasks to her HR team and
came to a root cause analysis that the organisation lacked Job Analysis as a result there was a lot of
job and role ambiguity. You are one of the HR team member and have to recommend the three best
methods for the accumulation of Job Analysis data. Conclude by emphasising the importance of Job
Analysis for Illuminati Magics Ltd.
2. It is said that for Generation Y or millennials the quality of work life is the most important aspect.
Comment on the above statement by citing example of any organisation where QWL is integral part
of their culture.
3. Life Karma is a private insurance company which has about 900 insurance agents and 45 Unit
Managers across pan India. 20 insurance agents report to one Unit Manager. The Learning &
Development department wants to equip all of them with the latest sales as well as negotiation
a. As a L&D Manager you have to choose two on the job training programmes for the Insurance
Agents. Conclude by stating reason for selecting these two programmes.
b. Select any one off the job training programmes for the Unit Manager and also state reasons of
selecting the same.
Insurance and Risk Management
1.Arun is recently appointment as an underwriter in an insurance firm. His manager asks him to
prepare a short note on the steps he would follow in the process of underwriting. Help Arun to
prepare his notes.
2. The global market for private health insurance is being disrupted at the same time growing rapidly.
Keeping in view with the current scenario of health insurance in India. Discuss the future aspects of
Health Insurance market in India.
3. Sujit is working in a private investment firm. Unlike his parents who were in government job and
had retirement benefit, Sujit lacks on that front being in a private firm. Now he is worried about his
retirement years.
a. As an insurance agent discuss the various Risk which will you consider while planning his
retirement plan.
b. Also explain the various steps which will be involved in framing the retirement plan.
International Banking & Foreign Exchange Management
1. An exporter in India had to export goods to Japan. Both the importer and the exporter wanted to
decide the best possible ways to settle a transaction as both the parties did not wanted to face any
risk with regard to delivery or non-payment of goods. Both parties decided to approach their banks. If
you are the manager of the bank explain the different products and services typically offered by an
international bank in the case of foreign trade.
2. Mr. Mahajan has his sons as well as many relatives settled in foreign countries, due to which
there used to be frequent transactions in foreign currency. He was also interested in making
investments in the foreign countries. He was not very sure if he will be eligible to open foreign
currency account and also will it be beneficial for him. He decided to approach his friend who had
just retired from a bank. If you are his friend, help him to find answer to his queries.
3. ABC Ltd was planning to expand its business in foreign countries. They were considering if
Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds(FCCB) could be a good source of funding. Neha was asked by
her manger to prepare a report on:
a) Various advantages if the company raises fund through FCCB
b) Various disadvantages if the company raises fund through FCCB
Compensation and Benefits
Q.1) WISDOM Technologies, a start up in online retail business, has hired you as a Compensation
Consultant and you are asked to set up the compensation structure in the organization. Which forms
of compensation will be a part of your compensation structure? Explain these forms too.
Q.2) ENPOWER Generation, a global Thermal Energy Company, wants to set up its operations in
India. You are hired as a Consultant to provide the company with the crucial information about the
components of pay structure in India. This information will help the company set up the ideal
compensation in India. As a consultant, give these components to your client.
Q.3) MIRAGE Ltd, a leading Textiles firm in India, has made following two important decisions
recently Revamp of production technology by importing the latest machinery Revising pay structure.
In this background, answer the following questions. a) How would you analyze the jobs after revamp
of technology?
b) What will be the objectives of job evaluation program to enable the revision of pay structure?
Business Ethics, Governance & Risk
Q1. Human rights are based on recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable
rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the
world .Preamble to Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
According to you which are the five most susceptible areas for potential human rights violations
possible in context of employees within an organization? Elaborate on your answer with the help of a
suitable example.
Q2. The Geeta precepts or Dharma or spirituality based values and practices of business leaders
have been shown to positively affect their stakeholder relationships as well as performance. Select a
known industry leader or entrepreneur who will help you justify this statement research and read up
about them and describe one incident/episode/decision from their professional life that showcases or
proves the above statement (DO NOT explain or quote small /personal conversations or incidents of
your immediate boss with you. Select a public figure known to most people).
Q3. The problem in Chandrapur of Maharashtra and the surrounding area is that this area, which is
a declared tiger reserve, is now in danger of being taken over by the mining industry. If the central
government awards the licence to the mining industry, then twenty one coal mines will be setting up
shop in this area and Chandrapur will become a coal city. The forest will turn into a desert and the
wild life will disappear. Somehow we have failed to intelligently sustain and manage the resources of
nature, the primary source of all supply chain.
a. Do you think environmental sustainability is an ethical principle? Elaborate on any three
issues/principles involved in environmental ethics.
b. How can business embed environment protection/sustainability within overall business strategy?
Elaborate on any five critical ideas/processes/steps.
Capital Market and Portfolio Management
Question1 Mr. Lalawani wants to invest in share market. Specifically, he is interested in the
securities of Power Sector. He strongly believes that performance of any entity is significantly related
to the general industry to which the entity belongs and also to the economic environment.
Discuss the nature and type of analysis Mr. Lalwani will pursue so as to get the desired outcome.
Question 2
Mr. Anand wants to determine in which, out of the two securities he should invest in. He already did
the task of forecasting the returns on both of these securities as mentioned below. You, being the
financial research analyst advise him on these securities.
Security A
Security B
Return probability Return probability
0.15 0.2 0.12 0.15
0.1 0.05 0.1 0.05
0.12 0.1 0.08 0.45
0.05 0.4 0.09 0.15
0.13 0.25 0.1 0.2
Question 3
Beta of Pragati Ltd is 1.55. The market rate of return is 15%. The risk free rate of return is 8 %
a. Compute the expected return based on CAPM, explaining all the components of the CAPM
b. Suppose, the risk premium on the market goes up by 3.5 % points do you think that the expected
return on the stock of the above company will change? Calculate and elaborate.
Organisation Culture
Q.1) MBC Auto Components Pvt. Ltd has hired you as a consultant to help the organization identify
its culture. After your study you came to conclusion that the organization has a weak culture. Which
could be the possible characteristics of MNC Auto Components in that case?
Q.2) LMN Strategy Consultancy is facing a unique problem of lack of consistency in the organization
as far as following a specific cultural pattern is concerned. You are invited to study and suggest the
ways in which the company can sustain the culture in its organization.
Q.3) VINTAGE Retail Pvt. Ltd is an online retail brand selling all the range of garments. Recently
they have hired 100 new recruits in various departments of the organization. In this background
answer the following
a) Explain how stories and rituals can be the ways in which these new recruits can learn the
organizational culture of VINTAGE Retail Pvt. Ltd?
b) Explain how material symbols and language can be the ways in which these new recruits can
learn the organizational culture of VINTAGE Retail Pvt. Ltd?
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Taxation Direct & Indirect
Question 1 Miss Nihali recently joined Accenture as Head IT. Her CTC amounts to 24 lacs. There is
formal procedure which every company s accounts department follows while processing the salaries
payment to the employees for any financial year. You being the accounts manager of the company,
discuss on the points to be taken care of while charging tax under the head income from salary for
the employees.
Question 2 Mr. Abhishek recently passed the MBBS exams and started practicing as a doctor. On
the occasion of his birthday, he received a cash gift worth 51000 from one of his father s friend.
Further, one of his patients also gifted him a plot of land, as an appreciation for his personal qualities
and dedication towards his work. Discuss with suitable reasons, whether the receipts are taxable or
not and if yes, then the head of income under which the receipts are taxable.
Question 3 Mr. Arman has a gross total income of Rs 1350000 for the Assessment year 2018-19. He
made following payments during the year
PPF amount paid (Sum insured on account of LIC is Rs150000.) 75000 LIC premium paid 30000
Medical insurance premium for self and wife 10000 Repayment of housing loan to Bank Of Baroda
125000 Medical premium paid for his mother (aged 85 years) 25000
a. Compute the eligible amount of deduction under Chapter VI-A for the Assessment Year 2018-19
b. What if, in addition to this he also contributed in certain work of literacy and earned a royalty
income amounting Rs15 lacs, as a lump sum consideration by authoring certain books. Compute the
additional eligible amount of deduction explaining the relevant provision.
Strategic Cost Management
Problem 1
Initial Investment: 500,000
Annual savings of: 100,000
Cost of capital: 9%
Find the payback period and discounted payback period (nearest year is acceptable), which one will
you recommend and justify your recommendation
Round to 3 decimal places for all calculations. Assume all savings happen at the end of year,
starting from Year 1
Problem 2:
An auto component manufacturing company is contemplating introducing a new inspection process
in their assembly line to save on rectifying cost. The current production is in batches, each batch
produce 5000 components. The cost of inspection of each component is Rs 50, the cost of rectifying
each defective component is Rs 250. If a defective component is sent to customer and returned by
customer it cost the company Rs 500. Calculate at what percentage of defective rate it would be
beneficial for the company to adopt the proposal.
Problem 3:
From the following details calculate and elaborate on:
Sales 150,000
Total Cost 120,000
Fixed Cost 60,000
Profit 30,000
a. P/V ratio
b. Break Even Point and Margin of Safety
Performance Management System
Q1. Aakash Logistics Limited is a 5 year old organization with 500 employees and a pan-India
presence. The company has had average profits and is on an ambitious growth path. The
Departmental Heads at Aakash Logistics Limited have often voiced that the performance
management system functions in isolation and is not integrated with other HR subsystems,
particularly with Recruitment & Selection and Training and Development. You are to guide the HR
team with 2 examples on integration of performance management with Recruitment & Selection and
Training and Development.
Q2. Nisha is the Head of HR at Gifting Marvels Limited , an organization which specializes in
personalized and multi-faceted gifting solutions. The company is 2 years old and has greater
business volumes via their electronic portal. Nisha is debating with her CEO on whether the selfappraisal process is relevant for the company. Assuming you are Nisha, how would you approach
the interaction with the CEO on self-appraisals.
Q3. You are the HR Manager in your company and are planning to introduce e-performance
management in your company thereby moving from paper-pencil / manual appraisal process. a)
How will your convince the management on e-performance management system? b) What steps will
you take before introducing e-performance management?
Treasury Management in Banking
Q1. Mr. Sharma has been newly appointed as a treasurer in an organisation. His Manager asks him
to prepare a short presentation on the various functions which are performed by his (treasury
management) department. Help Mr. Sharma to prepare the presentation for the same.
Q2. Prudent Liquidity management is essential to maintain a solvency of a bank. Thus bank s
regulators such as RBI have specified certain ratio that needs to be kept by the banks. Discuss the
various ratios which helps RBI in maintaining the liquidity position in a bank.
Q3. You are the Manager in ABC National Bank Ltd. You are required to take an introductory
session for the new candidates on board on the below:
a. Discuss the various kinds of risk which a banks are prone to and how these risk impacts banks.
b. Also enumerate the different methods adopted by the treasury department to measure the various
types of the risk.
Organisational Theory, Structure and Design
1. Pyramid cements is a Cement manufacturing firm with a Pan India presence. Started by two
friends in 1974, this company has a market share of around 12 % today and aspires to be one of the
top 6 cement manufacturing and distribution company of India. The management has been advised
that the company needs to move away from the family run nature to a greater level of
professionalism. The promoters have planned to adopt fully automated systems for business
operations, propose change in performance management systems and are looking at hiring fresh
talent from outside. These changes have created disharmony in the existing set of employees. What
kind of resistance is the management likely to face? What are the various reasons for individual
employees that will lead to resistance in this case? What will be the outcome of such resistance?
2. Organizations such as HUL, SAP, Microsoft and many more are committed towards encouraging
diversity in the workforce. What would be some of the factors that they would consider while
promoting diversity? Would you recommend that organizations should invest in creating diverse
workforce? What are the benefits associated with this decision? Would companies face certain
challenges while promoting diversity?
3. As a consultant, you are approached by an upcoming e-tailer who is into online sale of women
apparel. They want your advice on creating an effective organizational structure.
A) Explain any 4 main principles that you will follow while giving your suggestions?
B) How does departmentalization and span of management affect Organizational Structure?
Strategic HRM
Q 1. How to design an effective career development system for the middle level managers of a
service organization? Describe in detail the concept of career anchors, career paths and career
planning for the middle level managers of a service organization with examples.
Q2: Explain how culture assessment of an organization can be made prior to cross border merger
and acquisitions? Explain the challenges faced by any MNC when it goes for cross border mergers
and acquisitions. Substantiate your answer with examples from business world. (10 Marks) 3. Case
study: Siemens Builds a Strategy-Oriented HR System Siemens is a 150-year old Company, but its
not the company it was even a few years ago. Until recently, Siemens focused on producing
electrical products. Today the firm has diversified into software, engineering, and services, and is
also global, with over 400,000 employees working in 190 countries. In other words, Siemens
became a world leader by pursuing a corporate strategy that emphasized diversifying into high-tech
products and services and doing so on a global basis. With a corporate strategy like that, human
resource management plays a big role at Siemens. Sophisticated engineering services require more
focus on employee selection, training and compensation than in the average firm, and globalization
requires delivering these services globally. Siemens sums up the basic themes of its HR strategy in
several points. These include: 1. A living Company is a learning Company. The high-tech nature of
Siemen s business means that employees must be able to learn on a continuing basis. Siemens
uses its system of combined classroom and hands-on apprenticeship training around the world to
help facilitate this. It also offers employees extensive continuing education and management
development. 2. Global teamwork is the key to developing and using all the potential of the firm s
human resources. Because it is so important for employees throughout Siemens to feel free to work
together and interact, employees feel they are part of a strong unifying corporate identity. For
example, HR uses cross-border, cross-cultural experienced as prerequisites for career advances.
3. A climate of mutual respect is the bias of all relationships within the Company and with society.
Siemens contends that the wealth of nationalities, cultures, languages, and outlooks represented by
its employees is one of its most valuable assets. It therefore engages in numerous HR activities
aimed at building openness, transparency, and fairness, and supporting diversity. Questions a.
Advice Siemens on how it should go in drafting a Training and Development Strategy and show how
it should be linked to other HR functional strategies b. Discuss key HR strategies an organization
can formulate and show how linkages between them influence organizational success in competitive
International Business
Q1. ABC Pharmaceuticals have developed a new composition to fight an epidemic originating in
Alaska. A lot of investment in terms of money, time & manpower has undergone for this
development. What are the various ways through which ABC Pharmaceuticals can protect itself so
that no other company can copy their product composition?
Q2. XYZ is a well-known cosmetic brand in India. With the rapid industrialization, the company wants
to expand its business abroad. As a Strategic manager prepare a report for the board of members
citing the various reasons for which the company should enter into an international market.
Q3. XYZ footwear is a leading Footwear company in India. They want to expand their operations into
international market. You have being hired as a consultant to XYZ to draft their strategy for entering
into international market.
A) What are the different strategies you will discuss in front of the board?
B) Also share the various choices for XYZ footwear to enter an international market
Consumer Behavior
1. BMW, the luxury German car maker, stands for performance and luxury. The company
has grown its product line by targeting specific market segments. BMW s full range of cars includes
1 series, 3 series, 5 series, 6 series, 7 series, X3 SUV, X5 SUV, X6 SUV, Z4 and M. The 7 series
was targeted to a group of consumers who were traditional and wealthy. They liked to be showy with
flamboyant cars. They didn t like sporty cars but preferred comfort and luxury, so BMW added
electronic features like window controls, airflow, night vision, etc. The X5 was created to target a
group of customers who weren t born in wealthy families but had achieved success recently. They
had taken up activities like biking and golf. These customers needed a bigger car for their active
lifestyles and big families. Discuss on what dimensions (geographic, psychographic, demographic,
behavioral) has BMW segmented and targeted customers for the 7 series and X5 models.
2. You are the advertising manager for a health food brand. Develop two different ad themes to
appeal the consumer on two different levels in the Maslow s hierarchy for the ad campaign.
3. Enumerate the decision-making process you would go through in the following 2 purchase
scenarios. Classify each of the scenarios into Nominal/Limited/Extended Decision Making.
a. Buying your first car with the savings you have accumulated over the last year.
b. Buying a new pair of running shoes.
HR Audit
Q1. Company XYZ, a technology start-up has grown rapidly since its inception 4 years ago. While
the company is increasing manpower at the rate of 30% per annum, it is also losing a lot of key
people. You have been appointed as the external HR Auditor for this company. What is the overall
HR audit process you will follow? What is the specific approach you will take to audit the attrition in
the company?
Q2. Company ABC is a manufacturing company with offices across India. They have well defined
HR policies and an active HR team. They regularly conduct an Employee Satisfaction Survey to
assess the level of employee motivation. Last 3 years has seen the satisfaction scores go down.
One key are of disconnect was found to be the compensation and benefits area. Your firm has been
appointed to Audit the Compensation and Benefits and suggest appropriate steps.
What steps will you follow to do a compensation and benefits audit of the company?
Q3. Kapoor& Co is a family run business, which has been in existence for many years. The MD, Mr.
Kapoor, knew each and every employee in his company and ran the company like his extended
family. He was personally involved in every performance and increment discussion and would take
the final decision for each employee. The employees were quite happy in this set-up. After a few
decades, Mr. Kapoor decided to retire from the company and put in place a professional
management team to run the company. The new management team has been hired from other
companies and has been given a free hand to run the company. The new CEO has appointed your
firm to audit the Performance Management process.
a. Detail out the steps by way of a checklist you will follow to assess the HR policies.
b. With the new management team leading the performance assessments, identify 5 documents that
should form a part of the HR policy manual related to Performance Management and write 2-3 lines
describing the relevance of each document in this context.
Operations Management
1. What is the need of Total productive maintenance (TPM) in a manufacturing company? Select any
manufacturing company of your choice, and do a detailed study of its TPM process.
2. Michael Porter in 1985 in his book, "Competitive Advantage: Creating and Sustaining Superior
Performance" proposed three generic strategies of cost leadership, differentiation, and focus. Select
any Indian company and explain how it has implemented the Porter s generic strategies.
3. Activity-based costing (ABC) has helped many companies for decades gain a true understanding
of their costs to produce and distribute products to customers. ABC provides a precise, accurate
view of costs at very granular levels namely, at the individual product, service and customer level.
Successes during the 1980s in applying ABC methods to manufacturing prompted an eventual
expansion of this methodology to other key components of the supply chain (e.g., distribution).
Manufacturers such as Proctor & Gamble and Warner-Lambert began using ABC models to
determine their overall costs to serve individual customers (e.g., Walmart), and to evaluate the costs
of offering different individual services to customers (e.g., services such as vendor-managed
inventory and advanced shipment notices, or ASNs). (Source: Miller, B. T. The ABCs of Activity-
Based Costing for Logistics.)
a. What is ABC and how is it different from the traditional costing methods?
b. Using suitable examples, explain the important factors for selecting the cost drivers in ABC.
Employee Development & Talent Management
1. Companies such as Accenture, Deloitte, Microsoft heavily invest in to talent management
practices. What according to you is the need to invest in to such practices? If you are the talent
management expert what steps will you consider while developing talent management practices for
an IT company?
2. Strive Mutual Funds is planning to have a series of trainings for their customer service executives.
These employees have to deal with client queries and update the transactions of customers in their
online accounts. Customer satisfaction scores have been dipping down. There is also a crunch of
work-force. Prateek, the HR head has to consider various on-the job techniques that can be utilized
for the work-force. Discuss any 4 on-the job techniques that can be considered for the executives.
3. Santosh, the Head HR, ATR group is a worried man. The climate survey conducted has indicated
that employee morals are lower than the previous year s record. There have been a number of exits
at the top level. Attrition has also been on the rise. The 20-year-old organization seems to have lost
its appeal to the millennial employees.
A. Santosh needs to device a robust employee retention plan. Suggest some strategies that he may
B. Millennials work to live and not live to work . Explain this statement with respect to work-life
strategies undertaken by organizations world-wide.
International HR Practices
Q.1) ABC Corporation is leading FMCG company in India. They are about to set up its first unit in
South Africa. The company has decided to send 50 employees of Indian unit on an international
assignment. You are given a task of designing training program for these expatriates. For designing
the training program, you need to identify the job related factors on which training should be
provided. Identify and explain these job related factors.
Q.2) Starfox Ltd is new publishing house in India. The company is planning to expand its activities in
Europe. The company needs your assistance in designing the compensation program for its
employees in Europe. The company has asked you to identify the internal factors that may affect the
compensation of employees in Europe. Identify those factors.
Q.3) TVM Motors has started its automobile manufacturing plant in Indonesia. The company has
decided to keep employee relations as one of the top priority in Indonesian plant. For this you are
hired as a consultant. In this background, answer the following:
a) Help the company identify four issues in international employee relations.
b) Discuss the importance of unions in international relations with the company.
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