Soil Stabilization

Soil Stabilization
Soil Stabilization Techniques, Solutions, and
What Do You Mean by Soil
Soil stabilization is all about changing the physical structure of
loose soil to minimize loose dust and a road that holds
together after long and heavy usage. Soil Stabilization can
increase the shear strength of a soil and/or control the shrinkswell properties of a soil, thus improving the load bearing
capacity of a sub-grade to support pavements and foundations
Where Soil Stabilization
It is not like that on all the roads soil stabilization required. Soil
stabilization is required, where the soil particles are weak or
sub-optimal. In such cases, the free dust particles can hamper
road usage and also cause breathing and pulmonary
Industries Which Need Soil
Stabilization Solutions Most
Construction Sites
Parking Areas
Transportation Roads
Golf Carts
Mining Sites
Military Runways and Landing pads
Oil & Gas
Energy Panels sites
What are the types or techniques
of Soil Stabilization?
There are mainly 6 types of Soil Stabilization:
• Soil Stabilization with Enzymes
• Soil Stabilization with Magnesium Chlorides
• Soil Stabilization with Asphalt Emulsions
• Soil Stabilization with Organic Resin Emulsions
• Soil Stabilization with Lignin Sulfonates
• Soil Stabilization with Polymers
Soil Stabilization with
With Enzymes you need a certain percentage of clays in order for
it to be effective. The application cost is high. When it cures you
generally need to apply another product to the surface as there
will still be top dust. Also it is not impervious to rain and many
times will wash of with the slightest bit of downfall.
Soil Stabilization with
Magnesium Chlorides
Magnesium Chlorides while very cheap in initial cost are back
loaded with expenses. Mag Chlorides are corrosive to metal so
it puts equipment and vehicles at risk. The surface becomes
slippery when wet. It also leaches away with precipitation so
the need to re-apply is much greater. Furthermore, it is harmful
to groundwater and vegetation.
Soil Stabilization with
Asphalt Emulsions
Petroleum resin emulsions leach away with precipitation, are
harmful to vegetation and ground water, become slippery
when wet, are difficult to clean from application equipment
and track onto vehicles.
Soil Stabilization with Organic
Resin Emulsions
Organic Resin Emulsions are not easy to apply. They offer
low tensile strength and do not create a great bond between
the soil particles. They also can become tacky and stick to
tires and vehicles.
Soil Stabilization with Lignin
Lignin Sulfonates are corrosive to aluminum. They leach
away with precipitation and are harmful to ground water.
The area that has been applied can become slippery when
wet as well.
Soil Stabilization with
Soil Stabilization with polymers is the most advanced or modern
soil stabilization technique, and here are the reasons why:
They are easy to apply
They offer quick results and that last long
The polymers form a strong bond with the soil particles
The treated surface can with stand heavy rains and heavy
Acrylic Based Polymers
As we get to know that Soil Stabilization with polymers is the
best solution but hold on, all the polymers are not equally good.
Many companies are selling VAE, Styrene based, Homopolymers,
etc. for soil stabilization because That are cheaper to make but
do not hold up anywhere near that of Acrylic based polymers.
We at Soil Stabilization Innovations sell Acrylic based polymers
which are prepared in-house and offer remarkable results right
from the first application.
Moreover, SSI offers these polymers at a low margin. Beating
their price-quality balance is too difficult. Many soil stabilization
companies tried to replicate their products, but none succeeded
so far
Soil Stabilization Innovations
Soil Stabilization Innovations is a California based dust control
and soil stabilization solutions company. The company was
founded in 1990. Their in-house dust control products create
high strength nano-polymerized grid with dust particles for quick
results without damaging the environment.
Many tests have confirmed Soil Stabilization Innovations
engineered polymers to be the most cost effective and durable
dust suppression product available on the market. Check out our
line of dust control products in the soil stabilization industry
Dust Control Plus
Dust Control Plus is a eco-friendly solution in soil stabilization industry to
control dust at construction sites, mining, parking lots, etc.
Soil Stabilization Plus
Soil Stabilization Plus is the best performing soil stabilizer on the market:
Erosion Control Plus
Erosion Control Plus to protect slopes and embankments from erosion.
Road Stabilization Plus
Increase load bearing and tensile strengths of roads with road stabilization
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