Organizational Behaviour, 2nd Edition

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Organizational Behaviour, 2nd Edition
The Ethical Challenge
The second edition of _Organizational Behaviour_ provides new insights and models for studying
organizational culture. Updated and revised, this collection of writings on ethics in organizational
behaviour addresses the moral character of corporate excellence, the values of profit and technology,
the values of the individual in the corporate milieu, and the ethical issues that improve organizational
design, and corporate excellence.
The contributors to this volume include scholars from Harvard University, MIT, Concordia University,
McGill University and the University of Toronto.
Author Information
Yassin Sankar
Dr. Yassin Sankar is Professor of Management at Dalhousie University. He is the author of
_Management of Technological Change_; _Value-based Management: Some New Perspective_; and
_Education, Human Value and Ethics_.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Organizational Behaviour: Values and Ethics
Chapter 2: Human Values and Problematic Behaviours in Organizations
Chapter 3: Perception, Communications, and Learning
Chapter 4: Work Motivation
Chapter 5: A Value-Based Model of Motivation
Chapter 6: Job Design and New Technologies
Chapter 7: Personality
Chapter 8: Stress, Anxiety, and Alienation
Chapter 9: Personal Mastery
Sociology of Work and Labour
Labour Studies
Chapter 10: Leadership and Strategic Change
Chapter 11: Organizational Culture and Change
Chapter 12: Managing for Organizational Integrity
527 pages
Chapter 13: Building Effective Mulitcultural Work Teams: Some New Perspectives in Management
6 x 9 inches
Chapter 14: Managing Globally Competent People
April 2004
Chapter 15: Managing Creativity: A Japanese Model
ISBN: 9781551302621
Chapter 16: Designing Ethically Responsible Organizations
Chapter 17: Values: Moving from the Old Paradigm to the New
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