Security and Surveillance Solution in Dubai

Security and Surveillance Solution in Dubai
Technauto Security & Surveillance LLC is a leading service provider of Security &
Surveillance systems. We bring you the best products that are cost-effective. Our
main objective is to bring all security and surveillance products and services
under one roof. We completely understand that security is priority. So, we always
ensure the safety of an individual and an organization as a whole.
We have partnered with many well reputed companies in order to provide
security & surveillance products and services in Dubai and UAE. Our company
offers easy-to-use, high-performance solutions for a wide range of applications in
the area of security and surveillance.
Security Surveillance System
Biometric Door Access Control Systems
Here’re some essential tips, which you can take into account
before you buy security surveillance system:
Check for the warranty
Some small retailers sell non-branded cameras without the warranty. When you
want to purchase CCTV cameras, then warranty plays a major role. You need to
look out for a reputable surveillance system supplier and meanwhile make sure
that cameras come with a warranty of one to two years. Also, ask the supplier
whether they offer installation services. You may need to check if there’re any
additional installation charges for the Security surveillance system.
Find out how many cameras you
would need
It’s advisable to contact a professional
expert to know how many cameras you
would need. Based on your requirements
and goals, an expert will help you out in
finding the number of cameras you would
need while installing at your premises.
Select the right camera position
Decide the places where the camera requires to be installed at your home or
office. Position of the camera plays a vital role in helping you get better
recordings. Whether you’re planning to install camera indoor or outdoor, make
sure that you cover all the possible “weak points.”
Image clarity and other details
The size of the area that you want to monitor
will determine the resolution you need. For
example, wide retail spaces would require high resolution cameras to make sure
that the image quality isn’t compromised when zooming.
Alternatively, smaller areas like offices or reception rooms will typically only
require low resolution cameras. It is not always the case that the highest
resolution camera is the best for every situation.
Instead you would need to assess each space one by one, spending your money
Technauto Security & Surveillance LLC
P.O. Box: 94629, Al Muhairi Plaza, Deira, Dubai, UAE
+971 42 696 006, +971 55 125 9887
[email protected]
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