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Internal Assignment Applicable for September 2018 Examination
Corporate Social Responsibility
1. Child labour is a violation of human rights. India is sadly the home to the largest number of child
labourers in the world. Children are engaged as household servants and are also employed by hotels,
service stations, food stalls, workshops, construction sites, carpet industries, etc. They are even
employed in hazardous and unhygienic forms of labour in textile, leather and cracker industries, depriving
the children of their childhood, and harming their mental, emotional and physical development & wellbeing. What according to you are five compelling reasons for the existence of child labour in India?
Suggest four practical strategies/action plan that can be adopted by business and society to make child
labour unattractive and non viable. (10 Marks)
2. Saudi petro giant Aramco led refinery project is slated to come up at Nanar village in Ratnagiri district
of Maharashtra, also famous as home to Alphonso mangoes. The Rs 3 trillion integrated refinery and
petrochemicals complex is a joint venture between Aramco, IOC, HPCL and BPCL The refinery will
process 60 mio tonnes per annum (mtpa) of crude and will be able to produce 18 mtpa of petrochem
products. The companies claim the project will generate 1.5 lac jobs during construction and 20,000 direct
jobs, once completed. The project requires 15000 acres of land, more than 90 % of which is in 14 villages
of Ratnagiri district and the rest in 2 villages of adjacent Sindhudurg district. Currently 80 % of this land is
used for agriculture and over 16 lac mango trees and three lac cashew trees, the mainstay of the region
will be lost. According to the locals, 22000 farmers and 4500 fisher folks will be impacted. The farmers will
get paid for land but not the fisher folks whose livelihood will be severely impacted. The locals have been
protesting for a year, they fear pollution from the project will affect farming and fishing. According to you
should this project be developed? Give reasons for your answer. What needs to be done by the
management and board of this Aramco led project to minimize/ mitigate negative impacts on the
environment and local communities? Elaborate on any five of your suggestions? (10 Marks)
3. “An individual “blows the whistle” when they disclose information which relates to suspected
wrongdoing or dangers at work.” You have proof of an unethical practice in your workplace and you wish
to blow whistle on it. (10 Marks)
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