8 Things to Do Before You Move Into Your New House

8 Things to Do Before You Move Into Your New House
Have you purchased your dream house and ready to move in? As the owner, you should make the
moving-in affair an experience to be cherished by all in the family. It is important that you make this a
fun event, because this auspicious moment is a celebration of your success. Although the moving-in is
a great event, some nagging issues may mar the happy occasion. Here are a few things that you
should consider to make your housewarming ceremony or your moving-in affair a truly wonderful
moment to remember.
1) Earmark space for your pets
Moving into a new home will make your pets, even birds for that matter, become restless. Moreover,
no one likes constant barking or birdy turbulence in the neighbourhood. It would be best that you ask
a family member keep company with the pets to ease them of their fears.
2) Secure your doors
Replacing the lock of your main door, installing an eyehole, and getting duplicate keys for all doors are
all necessary steps that you should take. You may never know whether the previous owner, the
broker, or the builder has a spare key. This may cause much heartburn when you find out later on.
Also, the spare keys come in handy during emergencies. An eyehole is a necessity on the main door.
3) Protect the paint from furniture
It is common to place furniture against the walls. Overtime, this may lead to unsightly marks on the
walls, which would require a fresh coat of paint. It is best to place a piece of Styrofoam wherever
furniture is close to the wall.
4) Get the pest control team
Calling pest control is useful especially if your house was used by the previous owner or the place was
unlived for a long time. In the tropic s, homes are always the refuge for termites, bedbugs and a host
of other insects. It would be a good idea to get complete pest control done before you move in.
5) Treat all upholstery, fixtures & furnishings
The chances of you bringing in bugs or insects are high if you are keen on using your favourite
bedspread or tablecloth, etc. It is common for silverfish to lay eggs in books, roaches usually lay their
eggs in utensils, mosquitoes do their job in unused clothes, etc. Therefore, you must plan for
sensitizing your belongings and stuff before taking them to your new home.
6) Get the insect screens up
This should be top on your agenda because this little issue will spoil the celebratory mood overnight.
Mosquitoes and houseflies are enough reasons for wagging tongues to pass an unsavoury remark.
7) Fix the inverter
Of course, you would not want to spend the auspicious occasion in darkness. It would be best that
you come a week earlier and check if the inverter is functioning well.
8) Keep the kitchen stocked
It is common for neighbours and friends to trickle in and visit you at your new home. You would not
want your kitchen looking already dirty with all the activities taking place. Ideally, you should stock up
on food reserves for the first three days or on those days when many guests are expected.
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