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Course: Commercial Banking System & Role of RBI
1. Cash Reserve Ratio plays an Important role in the economy and RBI plays an
important role in monitoring inflation through CRR .Discuss how RBI perform this
critical function using CRR as an instrument. (10 Marks)
2. Assume you are a CEO in a bank. Your Bank has been nominated as one of best
branches in managing its liabilities. Highlight through a presentation on the various
components of liabilities a bank has and how these liabilities acts as a source of
funds with which bank finances its operations. (10 Marks)
3. A) You have recently joined a bank. Your manager ask you to prepare a short
presentation on Asset Liability Mismatch. Describe in detail about ALM and its
significance in banks. (5 Marks)
B) As an actuarial in an insurance company, discuss how ALM plays an important
role in this sector. (5 Marks)
Corporate Finance
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Course: Corporate Finance
1. A Project costs ₹ 1,00,000 and is expected to generate cash inflows as:
Year Cash inflows(₹)
The cost of capital is 12%. Calculate Profitability Index and suggest whether
project should be accepted or not. (10 Marks)
2. Alok works in an organization which has debt and equity in its capital structure.
The net income of the firm is ₹ 2,00,000. The organization pays ₹ 50,000 every
year as interest component to debenture holders. Calculate the weighted average
cost of capital if the cost of equity is 12% and cost of debt is 9%. If the company’s
new project will provide a return of 10%, suggest whether company should make
the investment or not. (10 Marks)
3. Mr. Sharma was working with Delta Ltd for the past five years. The company
was planning for expansion and required a funding of ₹ 20,00,000 for the same. He
was considering two financial plans and expected EBIT due to expansion was ₹
8,00,000. Apart from equity(Face value ₹10) , if the company raised debt, cost of
debt was 8%. Tax rate is 35%. Calculate EPS for each financial plan and suggest
which financial plan is better for the firm.
3a) Plan A: Funding through 100% equity (5 Marks)
3b) Plan B: Funding through 50% Equity and 50 % Debt (5 Marks)
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Course: Cost & Management Accounting
1. The CEO of a leading fan manufacturer is concerned about certain teething
issues involving sales of ceiling fans. Ceiling fans come in several models, and
each model has numerous Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) involving different
colours, blade size etc.
Tastes and preferences of consumers vary widely across the vast geography of the
country. Recently there have been numerous complaints from the divisional sales
offices across the country that they have received supplies of fans in colours and
blade sizes, which are not popular in their territory. This has led to loss of sales as
distributors in their regions would not accept those fans. Sales people have not
been able to achieve their quarterly sales targets, leading to de-motivation and
attrition. The CEO has approached you to review the Management Accounting
process in the company in the light of the above events. Critically analyze the
issues at hand, and suggest a suitable roadmap for the company to revamp its
Management Accounting process. (10 Marks)
2. Due to economic depression, a company is running its plant currently at 50% of
its capacity. The following details are available:
o Direct Materials – Rs.6
o Direct Labour – Rs. 2
o Variable Overhead – Rs. 4
o Fixed Overhead – Rs. 4
– 20000 units
– Rs. 320000
– Rs. 300000
– Rs. 20000
An exporter offers to buy 5000 units per year at the rate of Rs. 13 per unit. The
company is hesitating to accept the offer for the fear of increasing its already
incurring operating losses. Advise whether the company should accept or decline
the offer.
(10 Marks)
3. A) The budgeted working conditions for a factory are as follows:
- 45 hours
– 30
- 4 hours per m/c
- Rs.153750
- Rs.2.00 per hour
- 50
The company uses Machine Hours as a base for apportioning overhead costs.
Estimate the overhead absorption rate per machine hour.
(5 Marks)
3. B) For the above company, during a four week period, the actual results are as
incurred - Rs.11000
- Rs. 11200
- 4500
Calculate the amount of under or over-absorption of both wages and overheads.
(5 Marks)
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Marketing of Financial Services
1. Design a Financial Literacy program for a Mutual Fund (Asset Management
Company) of your choice. (10 Marks)
2. One week ago you bought an endowment policy from a private Life Insurance
company. On receiving the policy copy, you realize that the Life Insurance policy
was mis-sold. Would it be possible for you to return the policy? What strategy
would you follow to settle the matter with the insurance company? (10 Marks)
3. Ashwin Kothari, aged 35 years, is employed with a MNC. His wife Rimmi, aged
33 years, is also working part - time. The couple has two children - daughter Rima
aged 6 years and son Vansh aged 4 years. Ashwin and Rimmi require your help to
make a few financial decisions. (Give justification and reasoning for the option you
would suggest to your client. You can make any assumptions to further build up
your case.) (10 Marks)
a. Children’s higher education : Child plan of a life insurance company or a Mutual
Fund SIP along with a Life Insurance term plan (5 Marks)
b. Retirement Planning : Fixed deposits or Mutual Fund SIPs in a diversified
equity fund (5 Marks)
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Course: Retail Banking
1. Discuss the critical importance of the ‘Need for Regulations (both Internal as
well as External)’ in the Banking industry. Express your views with reference to
the recent turmoil in the Banking industry, which in turn adversely affects other
sectors/ markets as well.
2. With reference to the rural areas and the Agricultural sector, discuss the
guidelines given by the RBI on ‘Priority Sector Lending’. Also explain what
options the Banks have as ‘Channel Partners’ to reach rural customers (10 Marks)
3. The Banking industry being a ‘service industry’, customer service is an
important aspect of the Retail Banking setup. This is true for commercial/retail
banks as well central banks and the regulators/government. Discuss the following
questions that affects the customers to a large scale in the retail banking setup
a. With the process of Demonetization implemented over a year ago, discuss the
issue of change of currency notes (money product) in retail banking. Have the
banks provided proper customer service for the same issue? (5 Marks)
b. With emphasis on Digital/ E-payments, with incentives/concessions provided to
make non-cash transactions through digital modes, highlight the various benefits
and risks the customers may face during these modes of financial transactions. (5
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Course: Taxation – Direct and Indirect
1. Mr. Fernandez has a portfolio of equity shares worth Rs. 2 crores by current
market valuation. He had inherited the shares from his father 10 years ago. He has
become extremely concerned about the introduction of 10% LTCG tax on equity
shares in this
year’s Union Budget. Not sure about the impact of this newly introduced tax, he is
contemplating selling of all the shares before 31st March 2018, and escaping the
taxation. He has sought your opinion on this. Prepare a detailed report citing the
implications of the LTCG tax, and guide Mr. Fernandez in his decision making.
(10 Marks)
2. ABC Ltd.’s profit before tax as per P&L account was Rs. 240 crores. The
following information was available regarding ABC Ltd on scrutiny:
TDS was not deposited with the IT department till the time of filing income tax
00, ABC Ltd made cash payment of Rs. 30000 to the vendor
on 29th January 2018.
Critically analyze whether the above expenditures will be allowed or disallowed as
deductions, with reasons, discussing the applicable sections. What will be the
impact of such allowance / disallowance on the computation of Profits and Gains
from Business or Profession of ABC Ltd for the AY 2018 – 19? (10 Marks)
3. A) Harish, an Indian citizen, leaves India for the first time on May 22, 2015 for
London and returns on April 9, 2017, and stays in the country thereafter.
Determine the residential status of Harish for the assessment year 2018-19?
(5 Marks)
3. B) During the assessment year 2018 – 19, Harish (the above mentioned person)
the following details of income: (5 Marks)
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