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1.Multipath operation process is abnormal in Windows platform, which log files is suggested to
main analysis?
A. cfg file
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B. UPLOG_x.txt
C. InstallationLog.txt file
D. UPLOG.txt
Answer: B
2.About virtual snapshot storage array configuration, which of the following statement are
(Select 3 Answers)
A. snapshot function can not use the resource of LUN
B. can create a snapshot of two LUN
C. activate snapshot is the true copy of data
D. snapshot can be used to rollback after stop
Answer: A,B,C
3.How to check whether the hard disk physical condition normal in S5000 system?
A. showdisk -p
B. showsys
C. showrg
D. showlun
Answer: A
4.Which of the three dimensions are System reliability mainly defined from? (Select 3 Answers)
A. required conditions
B. required time
C. required function
D. availability
Answer: A,B,C
5.For common maintenance tools of storage array, which of the following description is wrong?
A. information collection tool has the characteristics of graphical interface operation, run across
the operating system, multi-language switch and free installation
B. upgrade inspection tool has the characteristics of automatic judgment inspection items,
reduce risk and reduce the skill requirements
C. the business management function can realize the visual display device of the current
topology connection status
D. DHA service management refers to collecting the hard disk health data/performance data
warehousing, support start-stop, set, export, comes back
Answer: C
6.About the storage array, which LUN copy function is true? (Select two Answers)
A. when create LUN copy, you can use one virtual snapshot of LUN as the source of LUN
B. when create increment LUN copy, you can use external array as the source of LUN
C. when create full capacity of LUN copy, the source of LUN and target of LUN can't be located
in the external array at the same time
D. multiple LUN copy can share same target of LUN
Answer: A,C
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7.install multipath in Linux platform, need to check the array information of multipath
management, which command can be used to? ?
A. upadm chconfig
B. upadm show path
C. upadm show array
D. upadm show vluns
Answer: C
8.About IOMeter and Dynamo, which of the following statement is wrong?
A. when install, test Windows system, need to install IOMeter and Dynamo of Windows version
B. if test is Linux or AIX system, in addition to install IOMeter in control monitor of windows,
also need to install corresponding version of Dynamo in test machine
C. run IOMeter in Windows, automatically run Dynamo with IOMeter at the same directory
D. start Dynamo, first start IOMeter main program, Stop Dynamo, as long as directly close
Answer: D
9.Which of the following components do not belong to FC SAN network hardware?
A. HBA card
B. switches
C. storage device
D. server mainboard
Answer: D
10.Under AIX system, the method of checking initiator node name can through smitty devicE.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A
11.The management mode of ISM integrated storage management software for storage array
is the in-band management mode.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B
12.Which of the following options does not belong to the hardware components of IP SAN?
A. Ethernet connected devices
B. iSCSI Host bus adapters
C. Storage Device
D. initiator Starter
Answer: D
13.In the process of deploy Hostagent, mapped the host command equipment, which
components of Hostagent are common used to install?
A. HyperManager server
B. InbandAgent
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C. ConsistentAgent
D. HyperManager client
Answer: B
14.In the Linux platform, the host connected to the storage array, which of the following
statement is wrong?
A. after add mapping to host in array, sweep plate operation must be conducted on host, to
see the map
B. connect between a host and the storage arrays by IP SAN, which must configure business
IP for host
C. connect between a host and the storage arrays by IP SAN, suggested that the iscsi initiator
name of the different host changed to the same alias
D. after sweep plate operation on the host, use command fdisk -l to see the mapping which
does not distinguish between equipment and physical mapping
Answer: C
15.Which of the following description of module function within SAN storage array system is
correct? (Select 2 Answers)
A. IBS: multipath control module interaction with the host multipath, responsible for sending the
read/write command to the appropriate controller
B. FC_front: specific processing the transport layer of host interface protocols, for example:
C. DB: management and save the system configuration data D. HMP: responsible for the
communication management between the controller (mainly PCIe)
Answer: B,C
16.Which command can view the disk normal identified under solaris system?
A. lspv
B. format
C. fdisk
D. lsdev
Answer: C
17.On the storage array products, which of the following conditions will lead to LUN write policy
change to write through (Select 3 Answers)
A. management interface failure
B. fan failure
C. BBU failure
D. controller failure
Answer: B,C,D
18.The LUN copy technology is on the basic of SERVER-FREE.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A
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19.What the limited number of add LUN from synchronous remote replication in storage array?
A. most can add 1 subordinate LUN
B. most can add 2 subordinate LUN
C. most can add 4 subordinate LUN
D. random add subordinate LUN
Answer: B
20.Keep S.M.A. R.T information in service area of hard drive system, this area is generally
located in dozens of physical tracks in front of Hard disk 0 physical side, write relevant internal
management procedures by the manufacturer, mainly used to check disk working status
A. True
B. False
Answer: A
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