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C9020-667 Dumps Questions
1.For which purpose is an ROI calculation used?
A. To measure the time until an investment is depreciated
B. To measure the cost until leased equipment must be returned
C. To measure the financial benefit of an investment over a given period
D. To measure the overall OPEX and CAPEX of a project over a given period
Answer: C
2.A sales person is presenting IBM Spectrum Scale to a prospect. The prospect has
never heard of IBM Spectrum Scale and raises the concern that this is a new product.
Which two responses can a sales person use to alleviate the prospect's concern?
(Choose two.)
A. IBM has been a leader in storage virtualization for more than 12 years.
B. IBM Spectrum Scale is a fixed configuration optimized for the customer's environment.
C. IBM is ranked number 1 by IDC from the 2nd quarter of 2014 for Software Defined
D. IBM Spectrum Scale has been used for many years for high-performance computing
E. IBM Spectrum Scale is inexpensive using only non-intelligent SAS disk arrays
configured in a highly redundant manner.
Answer: CD
3.Which three IBM Storage Products have OpenStack Cinder (block) support? (Choose
C. TS1150
D. DS8000
E. Storwize
F. ProtecTIER
Answer: ADE
4.A customer has been anxiously awaiting VMware's release of VMware Virtual Volumes
(VVOL) for several years. The customer is refreshing its storage environment and wants
to procure a storage solution that supports VVOL.
Which IBM storage solution should be proposed to this customer?
A. DS8870
B. SVC V7.3
C. XIV Gen 3
D. FlashSystem 840
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Answer: C
5.A business partner uses the IBM TCOnow! tool to produce a Total Cost of Ownership
(TCO) report for a customer.
Which statement is true regarding a business partner accessing the IBM TCOnow! tool?
A. The tool is available to download for free from IBM.
B. The tool must be purchased through CIOview.
C. The tool can only be run via a web browser on the Partner World site.
D. The tool has only limited content for business partners while the full tool is available to
IBM employees.
Answer: A
6.Which tool should be used to understand the benefit of adding different tiers of disks to
an existing Easy Tier storage pool on an existing DS8870?
C. IOStats
D. Perfmon
Answer: B
7.A customer has a TS3500 tape library with two expansion frames. Today, the library
has ten (10) LTO-2 drives and only 100 tape cartridge slots available. With the LTO-2
drives, a one week rotation would typically utilize 80 tape cartridges. The customer is
adding 500 LTO-2 cartridges per year. The cost of maintenance on the LTO-2 drives is
getting expensive.
What should you recommend to this customer?
A. Add two LTO-6 drives and 80 LTO-6 cartridges to start
B. Replace all LTO-2 drives with LTO-5 drives immediately
C. Replace all LTO-2 drives with LTO-6 drives immediately
D. Add an expansion frame with six LTO-6 drives and 400 LTO-6 cartridges
Answer: A
8.Which tool should a sales specialist use to verify that a proposed XIV solution will
deliver the performance required by a customer's high transactional database
A. STAT Tool
B. Disk Magic
C. Batch Magic
D. Capacity Magic
Answer: B
9.A healthcare provider that uses z/OS applications needs to keep 30 back-up copies of
its data each month. The provider currently stores all copies on a primary disk system
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but growth is becoming a problem.
Which IBM technology reduces the healthcare provider's need to purchase additional
disk and provide fast restoration of data?
A. TS7740 virtual tape
B. Easy Tier with DS8870
C. Deduplication with ProtecTIER
D. System Storage Archive Manager for TSM
Answer: A
10.Compared to other enterprise storage systems, which product has made the most
changes to be energy efficient?
A. V7000 with Unified
B. XIV with 16Gb FICON
C. V7000 with block only
D. DS8870 with DC-UPS
Answer: D
11.What simplifies customer training requirements for storage management across
multiple IBM enterprise offerings?
A. Redbooks
B. Storage GUIs
C. DS Storage Manager
D. Directed Maintenance Package
Answer: B
12.An IBM System x customer is implementing a VMware pool. The customer has one
administrator to manage the servers and storage, so deep integration with VMware is
needed. The customer also desires a storage array with the fastest disk rebuild time.
Which IBM storage product should you recommend to this customer?
B. V7000
C. DCS3700
D. IBM Spectrum Virtualize with DS8870
Answer: A
13.Which product will allow a customer to aggregate, monitor, and recommend
optimization for existing storage?
C. IBM Spectrum Control
D. IBM Spectrum Virtualize
Answer: C
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14.A customer has four data centers located at distances of 100 to 500 miles (161 to 805
kilometers) from each other. The customer needs to synchronize with remote copy
When should a sales specialist recommend an asynchronous remote copy solution?
A. If the license cost is the main criteria.
B. If the performance on the primary site is critical.
C. If the disaster recovery plan has yet to be tested.
D. If the secondary copy must be 100% in sync with the primary copy.
Answer: B
15.A customer has discovered that EMC storage management tools are not adequate to
manage both EMC and IBM gear.
Which IBM hardware product enables IBM Spectrum Control to manage both a
customer's EMC VMAX and IBM storage?
B. DS8870
C. Storwize V3700
D. IBM Spectrum Virtualize
Answer: D
16.A customer asks for a disk virtualization product that supports multiple protocols.
Which two block protocols for host access does the IBM Spectrum Virtualize support?
(Choose two.)
D. InfiniBand
E. Fibre Channel
Answer: CE
17.Which IBM storage product should a sales specialist propose to a customer who
wants to acquire an IBM z13 and storage for a z/OS 400 TB DB2 application?
B. DS8870
C. Storwize V7000
D. IBM Spectrum Scale
Answer: B
18.A customer received proposals from IBM and other vendors, each of which have
slightly different usable capacities. Each vendor used different methods to price disk
drives as well as advanced features. The customer needs to determine how much each
solution will cost over its lifetime.
Which cost method of calculation helps make the proposals comparable?
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A. Cost per TB
B. Price per IOPs
C. Total Cost of Ownership
D. Total Cost of Acquisition
Answer: C
19.Which EMC product is comparable to IBM Spectrum Control?
Answer: A
20.Which tool should a sales specialist use to help a customer with budget planning for
an upcoming storage refresh?
A. TCONow!
B. STAT Tool
C. Disk Magic
D. Capacity Magic
Answer: A
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