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C9020-660 Dumps Questions
1.Which resource should a customer review when documentation on best practices for a
proposed IBM Storwize V7000 for an SAP environment is needed?
A. IBM Knowledge Center
B. IBM Support Portal
C. IBM PartnerWorld
D. IBM Techdocs
Answer: D
2.A SMB customer is looking for a storage solution and is currently considering a
proposal from HP for a 3PAR 7200 with 9 X 200 GB SSD and 12 X 2 TB drives.
Which IBM storage system is comparable to HP's proposed configuration?
A. IBM Storwize V3700
B. IBM Storwize V5000
C. IBM Storwize V7000
D. IBM Storwize V7000 Unified
Answer: A
3.Which IBM product is web-based self-service storage provisioning?
A. IBM Elastic Storage Access
B. IBM Fast Cloud Storage Access
C. IBM SmartCloud Storage Access
D. IBM CAMSS Storage Assess Manager
Answer: C
4.A customer is purchasing an IBM storage subsystem that will be first in the enterprise
and is listed on the IBM STG Solution Assurance Trigger Criteria and Designated
Product List (DPL) as mandatory for first in customer location.
What is the sales team required to complete in this situation?
A. Customer Support Plan (CSP)
B. Request for Price Quote (RPQ)
C. Technical and Delivery Assessment (TDA)
D. IBM TechXpress / Lab Services request
Answer: C
5.A small business customer needs a storage solution for archiving a CCTV (closed
circuit television) workload. Six security cameras are currently in operation. IBM Storwize
V3700 has been suggested.
Which configuration best balances cost against performance for this customer?
A. Solid state disk
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B. 10k rpm drives and SSD
C. Turbo feature and NL-SAS drives
D. Cache upgrade feature and 15k rpm drives
Answer: C
6.A customer has a requirement for a storage system that supports concurrent 12 Gb
SAS and 16 Gb Fibre Channel host port connections.
Which storage system should be recommended?
A. IBM Storwize V7000 Gen 2
B. IBM Storwize V5030
C. IBM Storwize V5010
D. IBM Storwize V5020
Answer: A
7.A customer has a small information technology staff and needs to optimize storage
performance for some mission critical applications while providing capacity storage for
less demanding applications.
Which function of the IBM Storwize family allows the customer to automatically manage
storage performance with no administration overhead?
A. Global Mirror with Change Volume
B. Spectrum Control Analytics
C. Easy Tier
D. Storage Pool Balancing
Answer: C
8.Which device provides services that belong to two different functional layers, file and
A. Gateways
B. Unified storage
C. Storage systems
D. Network attached storage
Answer: B
9.A midrange customer is considering a competitor¡¯s storage system. The customer has
a limited budget and needs a system that supports data reduction.
Which IBM Storwize System should be offered to this customer?
A. IBM Storwize V5010
B. IBM Storwize V7000
C. IBM Storwize V5020
D. IBM Storwize V5030
Answer: D
10.A customer is implementing a data analytics application and is considering flash
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storage from IBM and Violin Memory
Which resource can be used to show the financial benefit of IBM equipment over its
A. SIO study
C. Butterfly study
D. TCOnow!
Answer: D
11.Which IBM offering combines encryption and erasure coding for greater security and
information dispersal that enhances date availability?
A. IBM Storwize Family
B. IBM Spectrum Protect
C. IBM DS8000 Family
D. Cloud Object Storage
Answer: C
12.A customer would like to back up its Symantec environment locally to a deduplicated
virtual tape library. The customer also needs a copy of that data available off site at its
remote disaster recovery site.
Which IBM solution should you recommend?
A. Tivoli FastBack software
B. TS3100 and a remote TS3100
C. TS7620 ProtecTIER appliance OST option and a remote TS7620
D. IBM Storwize V7000 and Global Mirror to a remote IBM Storwize V7000
Answer: C
13.A customer requires a midrange tape storage solution that has the capability to
expand. The customer wants to start with 12 TB and 2x LTO-6 tape drives and be able to
grow 5 TB per year.
Which solution meets these requirements?
A. TS3100
B. TS3200
C. TS3310
D. TS7216
Answer: C
14.A customer needs to provide continuous data protection for Windows desktops.
Which solution should be recommended?
A. IBM Spectrum Archive
B. IBM Spectrum Protect for Workstations
C. IBM Spectrum Protect Snapshot
D. IBM Spectrum Control Base Edition
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Answer: B
15.A customer has an EMC VNX storage system installed with 40 TB dedicated to SQL
databases and needs to clone it for DEV & QA servers use. The customer has requested
an IBM solution to meet its needs for an additional 40 TB.
Which solution is appropriate for this customer?
A. IBM Spectrum Virtualize
B. IBM Spectrum Protect Snapshot
C. IBM TS7620 with Data Deduplication
D. IBM Storwize V7000 with RtC and virtualize the VNX
Answer: D
16.Who is responsible to maintain the record of Technical and Delivery Assessment
(TDA) completion when a TDA is completed for an IBM storage solution sold by a
Business Partner?
A. IBM Business Partner
B. IBM local account team
C. IBM Value Added Distributor (VAD)
D. IBM Client Rep for Business Partners
Answer: A
17.For which system can IBM Virtual Storage Center provide security key lifecycle
manager encryption?
A. Any IBM storage system, but only for storage pools using SED drives
B. Any IBM storage system, but only if using IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager
C. IBM Spectrum Accelerate systems only
D. Supported IBM and non-IBM storage systems only
Answer: D
18.A client has 2 large file storage environments with data that is rarely accessed. The
client wants a cost-efficient solution that applies minimum changes to applications while
maintaining access to all data in the current environment.
Which solution satisfies the client's needs?
A. Extend the storage capacity using an IBM Storwize V5010 system
B. Add an IBM Tape Library and IBM Spectrum Scale
C. Extend the storage capacity using an IBM Storwize V5030F system
D. Add an IBM Tape Library and IBM Spectrum Archive
Answer: D
19.A Dell customer is looking for an IBM software product that can centralize control to
simplify and automate complex replication tasks.
Which management solution should the sales specialist recommend?
A. IBM Virtual Storage Center
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B. IBM Copy Services Manager
C. IBM Spectrum Control Insights
D. IBM Spectrum Control Base Edition
Answer: D
20.An RFP requests a disk-to-disk backup solution addressing backup space
requirement reduction and backup time reduction.
Which IBM Spectrum Protect method meets these requirements?
A. LAN-free backup and deduplication
B. Archiving backup and deduplication
C. Selective backup and deduplication
D. Incremental Forever backup and deduplication
Answer: D
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