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C9010-251 Dumps Questions
1.Which virtualization management solution will slow a customer to apply some firmware
updates without disrupting production partitions?
B. PowerVP
D. Kimchi
Answer: A
2.Which of the following is a standard feature of all Scale-out LC configuration?
A. 64 GB of Memory
B. One 1 TB SATA Disk Drive
C. One 4-port 1Gb Ethernet Adapter
D. Two Power Supplies
Answer: D
3.An AIX customer wants to be sure they can update their SAN multipath drivers with a
minimal amount of time and impact on LPARs, while still being able to perform Live
Partition Mobility operations.
Which disk connectivity technology supports these requirements?
Answer: B
4.What is a benefit of IBM POWER8 support for little-endian (LE)?
A. Ability to run programs compiled for x86 processors
B. Support of older 32-bit applications
C. Little-endian has better performance than Big-endian
D. Ease of porting programs from other architectures
Answer: A
5.A customer wards to provide redundant links to their network ports to increase network
bandwidth and availability.
This technique is referred to as:
A. VLAN tagging.
B. Network Interface Backup.
C. Link aggregation
D. Shared Ethernet Adapter.
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Answer: C
6.Which LC server is delivered with four available (unoccupied) CAPI-enabled slots?
A. S822LC Commercial
B. S812LC Cloud
C. S812LC Cluster
D. S822LC High Performance Computing (HPC)
Answer: A
7.What is the main function of the POWER8 CAPI feature?
A. It improves memory bandwidth
B. It connects auxiliary processors such as FPGAs.
C. It increases the clock frequency speed.
D. It improves cache coherency.
Answer: B
8.A customer wants to save licensing costs.
The following VMs are to be consolidated:
- VM1 will run IBM i with 1 CPU
- VM2 will run AIX i with 1 CPU
- VM3 will run AIX i with 1.5 CPU
- VM4 will run Linux with 1 CPU
Which of the following will provide the consolidation at the least cost?
A. S812 with 8 CPU
B. S824 with 8 CPU
C. S822 with 8 CPU
D. S812L with 8 CPU
Answer: C
9.What standard feature was added to the 4-core POWER8 S814 to improve the RAS
capability when compared to a 4-core POWER7 720?
A. Alternate Processor Recovery
B. Chipkill Memory
C. PCIe Hot Plug Support
Answer: C
10.A customer wants to build a two-node active-active cluster of two 4-core AIX LPARs.
The two nodes of the Cluster e connected to a SAN at the same location.
What is the total number of licenses that are required for this configuration?
A. PowerHA Standard Edition ¨C eight licenses
B. PowerHA Enterprise Edition ¨C four licenses
C. PowerHA Standard Edition ¨C five licenses
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D. PowerHA Standard Edition ¨C four licenses
Answer: A
11.In the event of a disaster, a customer wants to automatically failover their Power
System nodes that are running AIX. The customer will locate the servers in two data
Which IBM product will satisfy the customer¡¯s requirement?
A. PowerHA SystemMirror Enterprise Edition
B. IBM Metro Mirror
C. Geographic Logical Volume Manager
D. IBM Spectrum Scale (GPFS)
Answer: A
12.A client purchased one Power S822 server to run their AIX workloads in virtual
partitions. They intend to consolidate their Linux workloads to this POWER8 server in the
future as well.
Which virtualization solution will satisfy this requirement on this server?
A. PowerKVM for both AIX and Linux workloads
B. PowerVM for both AIX and Linux workloads
C. OPAL for both AIX and Linux workloads
D. KVM for both AIX and Linux workloads
Answer: B
13.What is the maximum number of PCIe I/O slots available with one PCIe Gen3 /O
Expansion Drawer?
A. Four with one fanout module
B. Seven with one fanout module
C. Twelve with two fanout modules
D. Fourteen with two fanout modules
Answer: C
14.Which S822 storage feature is required for Easy Tier?
A. Eight SFF-3 bays I six 1 .8-inch SSD bays with Du IOA
B. Twelve SFF-3 bays with split backplane (6+6) with second integrated SAS controller
C. EXP24S SAS HOD/SSD Expansion Drawer with dual IOA
D. Twelve SFF-3 bays with one integrated SAS controller
Answer: C
15.What component of PowerKVM provides I/O virtualization?
A. virsh
C. Kimchi
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Answer: B
16.An IBM Power S824 server has Update Access Key valid through 01-01-2017.
Which is a valid statement regarding firmware updates?
A. Firmware updates will be restricted to IBM after 01-01-2017.
B. Firmware Updates e orgy available le via the AS MIL and not the HMC after
C. Firmware updates released prior to 01-01-2017 d be allowed, but those released after
that date will not
D. Firmware updates will not be restricted, but the server will display a message stating
there is no maintenance contract in place.
Answer: C
17.A customer has 20 partitions on a POWER8 system and would like to additional
storage from their non-IBM SAN to eh of the partitions. The cost of the licenses for the
drivers and multipath for all the partitions is higher than the current budget limits.
Which of the following technologies will help with reducing the driver and multipath
software licensing requirement?
Answer: D
18.A client want to move LPARs between servers to eliminate planned downtime.
Which product provides this capability?
A. PowerVM Standard Edition
B. PowerVC Enterprise Edition
C. PowerVP Standard Edition
D. PowerVM Enterprise Edition
Answer: D
19.What is an advantage of sing SR-IOV as compared to using a SEA (Shred Ethernet
Adapter) through VIOS?
A. It requires little bandwidth per virtual adapter.
B. It allows for direct access I/O.
C. It enables LPM.
D. It provides port security.
Answer: B
20.A customer is considering a purchase of an S812L. One PCIe Gen3 I/O Expansion
Drawer is required to meet the I/O adapter requirements.
How many rack units (EIA) are required?
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A. 7
B. 8
C. 4
D. 6
Answer: D
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