Should You Get Your Scalp Health CheckUp Done By A Trichologist In Mumbai

Should You Get Your Scalp Health Check-Up Done By A
Trichologist In Mumbai?
A healthy scalp means healthy hair. We all want those voluminous, styled hair that all the
celebrities show off. However, it requires a lot of attention and care in order to have it your
way. Oils, shampoos, treatments and proper nutrition are sure-shot ways of obtaining a
healthy scalp and hair. Sometimes, though, things start to go wrong, and scalp health starts
to decline. What are the tell-tale signs that your scalp is under duress? When should you get
your scalp health check-up done by a trichologist in Mumbai? Read this blog for more
Sign #1: Oily scalp
Normally, there would not be much oil on a human scalp – it is barely there. Some amount
of sebum is secreted by the skin to form a protective layer over scalp. However, when this
starts to overstep its boundaries, it results in excessive greasiness that can cause fungal or
bacterial infections. Consult a trichologist in Mumbai if you have this symptom.
Sign #2: Greasy dandruff
Dry dandruff is one thing, and greasy another. While dry dandruff is not a serious condition
and can be treated with household remedies, greasy dandruff is a difficult case. It is also
called seborrheic dermatitis, and requires professional intervention.
Sign #3: Reddish, painful scalp
Redness and pain could be the response of your scalp to allergens like propylene glycol, which
is a major constituent of hair products. If you use harsh shampoos, bleaches, minoxidil or
hair colours, you could be exposed to this condition. If you do experience it, consult a
trichologist as soon as possible.
Keep the above signs in mind so that you are able to take better care of your hair. Visit Dr
Rinky Kapoor to get your scalp examined for problems.