Step By Step Setup Wireless or Wired Cisco Router

Step By Step Setup Wireless or Wired
Cisco Router
Cisco routers are the most popular product of Cisco Company. Due to fastest
network services of Cisco routers, this is the best choice for its users. There
are many people who buy this product due to reliability, durability and
cheap price of routers.
The routers of Cisco some time shows technical issues which need to fix it.
In case you are getting trouble with the router set up then follow the steps
one by one.
Cisco Router Set up Troubleshooting
Follow the steps given here to set up the Cisco routers. By the help of given steps, you will
able to troubleshoot the Cisco setup problem.
When you will purchase the Cisco router, inside the box you will find the installation guide.
Open the installation guide.
In the installation guide, you will find the procedure of installation step by step. Set up the
graphical representation of router with the computer.
Ensure that you have completed all instructions step by step according to installation
guidance manual.
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• If you don’t find the installation guide from the router then, go to the
official site of Cisco and download it as per router model number.
• If you don’t know the model number of your router then, check it from
the back side of the router.
• When you will follow the setup instructions for the router, ensure that the
router has LAN cable connection with computer & router.
• After successful installation of Cisco router, you can disconnect the LAN
cable. Now you can access the internet on the computer by wireless
connection of Cisco router.
If you are unable to follow the instructions just use Cisco Customer Support
Number. This number is available for 24 X 7 therefore whenever you want
Technical Support for Cisco Router to try it. The technicians of Cisco router
provide their service through Cisco Customer Service Number. So, you can
get proper assistance with the help of experts anytime.
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