Excretory System worksheet

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Directed Reading
Section: Excretion
In the space provided, write the name of the excretory organ next to the materials
excreted by that organ.
_______________________ 1. nitrogen wastes, salts, water, and other substances
in urine
_______________________ 2. carbon dioxide and water vapor in exhaled air
_______________________ 3. water, salts, small amounts of nitrogen wastes, and
other substances in sweat
Complete each statement by writing the correct term or phrase in the space
4. The kidneys are important in regulating the amount of water and
in blood plasma.
5. The tubelike structures in the kidneys that filter wastes from the body and
retain useful molecules are called
6. Blood cells, proteins, and other molecules too
cross the glomerular membrane remain in the blood.
7. The water, urea, and various salts that are left after reabsorption and
secretion in the nephrons together make up
8. The ducts that carry urine away from the kidneys to the urinary bladder are
9. When kidneys fail, kidney
can enable the patient to survive.
or a kidney transplant
10. A kidney transplant is more likely to succeed if the donor and recipient have
on the surfaces of their body cells.
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Holt Biology
Digestive and Excretory Systems
Section: Excretion
In the space provided, write the letter of the term or phrase that best completes
each statement or best answers each question.
______ 1. Which of the following can happen if the kidneys fail?
a. Toxic wastes can accumulate in plasma.
b. Blood-plasma ion levels can increase.
c. Kidney dialysis may be necessary.
d. All of the above
______ 2. The elimination of urine from the body through the urethra is called
a. filtration.
c. reabsorption.
b. urination.
d. secretion.
______ 3. Urine is normally composed of all of the following EXCEPT
a. water.
c. blood.
b. urea.
d. salts.
______ 4. Within each Bowman’s capsule is a fine network of capillaries called a
a. glomerulus.
c. collecting duct.
b. renal tubule.
d. nephron.
______ 5. The renal tubules reabsorb all of the following molecules EXCEPT
a. glucose.
c. ions.
b. ammonia.
d. water.
In the space provided, write the letter of the description that best matches the
term or phrase.
a. hollow muscular sac that
stores urine
______ 6. kidney
______ 7. nephron
______ 8. ureter
b. organ that regulates the amount of
water and salts in blood plasma
______ 9. urinary bladder
c. tube through which urine
exits the body
d. tube that connects the kidney
to the urinary bladder
______10. urethra
e. blood-filtering unit of the kidney
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Holt Biology
Digestive and Excretory Systems
Urinary System Wordsearch
1. ____________________________ Stores urine before it is excreted
2. ____________________________ The renal pelvis is divided into the major and the minor ___ (singular)
3. ____________________________ Surrounds the glomerulus (also called "Bowman's ___ )
4. ____________________________ Stores urine that has passed through the distal tubule.
5. ____________________________ The outer area of the kidney, it forms a shell around the medulla.
6. ____________________________ An inflammation of the bladder, also known as a bladder infection
7. ____________________________ Procedure that filters blood of patients who do not have functioning kidneys
8. ____________________________ A tangled cluster of blood capillaries, filtration starts here.
9. ____________________________ Renal artery branches to these vessels that go between renal pyarmids
10. ___________________________ Bean shaped organ that lies that filters the blood
11. ___________________________ The inner region of the kidney, which contains the renal pyramids
12. ___________________________ The act of urination
13. ___________________________ The functional unit of the kidney.
14. ___________________________ A funnel shaped sac found within the renal sinus; renal ____
15. ___________________________ The depression on the medial side of the kideny; renal ____
16. ___________________________ Occurs in the proximal tubule, water is returned to the blood
17. ___________________________ Tubes that lead from the kidney and deliver blood to the bladder
18. ___________________________ This tube carries urine outside the body
19. ___________________________ Type of epithelium that lines the bladder
20. ___________________________ A word that means "pertaining to the kidneys"
Word Bank: Renal, Bladder, Ureter, Micturation, Cortex, Kidney, Urine, Medulla, Nephron, Cystitis, Interlobar,
Collecting, Pelvis, Glomerulus, Sinus, Calyx, Urea, Capsure, Urethra, Dialysis
1. The innermost region of kidney is _________.
A) pelvis
B) cortex
C) medulla
D) pyramids E) nephron
1. Which part of nephron structure filters the
A) Loop of Henle
B) Bowman’s capsule
C) Distal tubule
D) Collecting duct
E) Proximal tubule
2. What structure in a nephron filters the blood?
A) medulla
B) glomerulus
C) pelvis
D) adrenal gland
E) Bowman's capsule
3. The main organs of the urinary system are:
A) lungs
B) small intestines
C) kidneys
D) large intestines
E) liver
4. Which of the following collects all urine that is
formed in nephrons?
A) Renal Medulla
B) Renal Pelvis
C) Renal Cortex
D) Glomerulus
E) Bowman’s capsule
2. ____ stores the urine formed by kidney.
A) Pelvis
B) Urinary tract C) Ureter
D) Urethra
E) Urinary bladder
3. Not be expected to be found in the urine of
healthy human:
A) urine
B) minerals
C) uric Acid
D) glucose
E) water
4. Which of the following is filtered from blood but
not normally found in urine?
A) Water B) RBC C) H D) Amino acids E) Urea
5. Secretion process occurs in ________________.
5. _________ is the outermost layer of kidney.
6. The outermost layer of kidney is covered by ______.
7. Renal cortex contains ______________ parts of
6. Glomerulus and Bowman's capsule altogether
called as ______________.
7. Water is reabsorbed largely in ______________.
8. ____________ transport urine into urinary bladder.
8. The basic functional unit of the kidney is ________.
9. Label the parts of kidney in the figure.
9. When Aziz went to hospital, doctor wanted urine test
from him. After the urine test doctor said that he has
one kind of diabetic disease. How could doctor
understand this?
10. Label the parts of a nephron in figure.
10. What is the function of Bowman’s capsule in the
formation of urine?
11. What is the function of urinary tract in excretion?
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