Best Market Research Companies in Bangalore

Best and Top Market
Research Companies
in Bangalore
How Market Research helps to study the markets
for Healthcare products and services?
In general, the purchase of majority of the healthcare products
and services are not optional unlike other consumer products
and services.
However, it doesn’t translate that the potential consumer must
have to buy the product whatever a brand is selling. Thus, it will
become necessary to answer number of questions in order to
grow and maintain a healthy business in any market.
Who are the right and potential target customers, and what
are the characteristics of potential customer which we wish to
hear from?
Is the consumer by self a decision maker as well as the buyer?
Or do any other stakeholder playing a key role on influencing
over purchase (such as doctors, family members including
spouses, parents)?
What are the purchases which are influenced by others? (for
example – drugs on prescription or non-prescription, vitamins
and nutritional food supplements)
Are the potential customers having any unique demographics
of interest (it could be their children or senior citizens, gender
specific or specific on medications or diseases)?
Why to eye and study Indian luxury Market?
India is one of the fast growing economy in current global
scenario which is highly competing with the other global
markets. For every new market entrant who are attracted
towards Indian markets by seeing the volume, growth rate,
size of the market, it is essential for investors and new
entrants to have thorough knowledge about the size of the
market and competition players as well.
Market Research Companies in Bangalore
Why many brands from west want to
enter markets in India?
Despite the recent global economic slowdown, the size of the
global luxury market has been estimated to be around $2 trillion.
Especially, when it come to BRICS market, while specifically
talking about China and India rather than Brazil and Russia, have
been in the limelight for the past several years.
Seeing this good pace, on the other side, luxury marketers in
China in previous year faced many challenges relevant to
consumption luxury goods and services, to be more specific due
to issues connected to regulations, tariff structures, currency
fluctuations and a sever clamp-down realized on gifting culture.
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