Magento 2 Product Labels

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Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Features
3. Screenshots
Magento 2 Product Labels Extension helps to show attractive labels like
New, Sale, Featured, Best Seller, etc. on products to draw user's
Create an unlimited number of labels for your store's products with
MageSales' Magento 2 Product Labels Extension. Use this perfect
extension to announce your discounts and sales on the product page or
product list page.
Define rules for campaigns like setting discount, setting application type, and
enabling sub product discounts etc. Upload an image of your choice with the
labels and make customers task of making the decision easier.
Highlight sales events like sell-off, clearance sale, bargain sales, daily specials,
and seasonal sales. Control all the store's promotional activities and increase
the sales. The Extensions also lets your customers know about the terms and
conditions of the sale.
Improve the visual identity and brand appearance of your store by creating
an unlimited number of labels with the extension. Hence it also serves as a
marketing tool for the admin.
• Create different labels for each store and apply the one label to all stores
you’re running
• Add visually-appealing labels both on the catalog and product pages
• Draw your customer's attention to brands available in your store by making
unique labels
• Create an unlimited number of labels for products
• Easily promote new, on sale and other existing products
• Increase traffic and boost your website conversion
• You may place labels both in a product list and on a product page.
• allows you to show the label in any image position (right, left etc.)
• Flexible conditions for labels display
• Set priorities for Magento 2 labels display
• Set time period to display labels.
• Multistore Supported
• Multi-Language Supported
• 100% Open Source
• Free Lifetime Support
• Free Lifetime Upgrades
Menu Configuration
Manage Place Holder
Add New Place Holder
Manage Label Grid
Add New Label
Label Product List
Product Detail
Thank you!
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