5 Secret Things You Didn't Know about House and Lot in Makati for Sale

5 Secret Things You Didn't Know about House and Lot in
Makati for Sale
The top three things that people look for when moving to a new city are (1) good universities, (2)
employment opportunities, and (3) world-class hospitals. All these can be found in the thriving
city of Makati. If you are planning to move into a house and lot in Makati for sale, then you need
to read these 5 secrets about buying a piece of property in this area.
1. You have more options than you might think You can find anything on Google these days—including real estate properties for sale that you
won't find in newspapers. You will be surprised at the number of options that the internet will
give you when you type ‘house and lot in Makati for sale.’ To get the best deals and ensure that
you won't be a victim or real estate scam, visit a reputable property listing website. Don't rely on
ads posted on social media. Instead, go to a property site that is trusted by well-known real estate
developers and agents.
2. The price of a typical house and lot in Makati for sale is negotiable Pre-owned houses are not offered at fixed prices. Most sellers or brokers are willing to negotiate
the price and even the terms of payment. Haggling can even be true for brand-new properties.
You can enjoy early-bird or cash-payment discounts, for example, on newly launched
3. Having the right broker is the key The process of negotiation and transfer can become a lot smoother when you have a broker. A
real estate agent can also help find the right house and lot that is perfect for your requirements
because of their network of industry connections. They may have access to properties for sale
that are not listed online.
4. Banks or lenders won't always pay for 80% of the house and lot's selling price -
Before getting a loan from a bank, it's wise to review your finances and see if you have more
than 20% of the down payment required. Banks and lenders won't always loan you 80% of the
selling price. It’s best to be ready with extra cash.
5. There’s always Taguig Should you fail to find a suitable property for sale in Makati, don’t despair. There are plenty of
other choices in neighboring Taguig, which is just a stone’s throw away from Makati and has its
own thriving financial district.
About the Author:
This article is written by Kimberly Khia, working as an Executive Assistant at Housal Inc. Housal
Inc., is an online platform for real estate, addressing the unfulfilled needs by harnessing
technology and bringing all-related solutions under one roof. For buyers, tenants, sellers, brokers,
agencies or developers, it encompasses all their answers from property matching, listings,
management, analytics and even more. Housal Inc. is the evolution of the real estate business
process - empowering the real estate industry for the future.
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