How to Fix Samsung
Printer Offline Error?
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Samsung Printer Offline Error
If you are in the middle of an urgent work and a sudden message
appears on your display screen which says Printer is Offline, what
can be more frustrating than that? Whenever such situations
emerge, the perfect way to get rid of them is to connect
with Samsung Printer Customer Support Number 1-800-6106962. Read this blog post out to fix Samsung Printer Offline
Error. Samsung Printer Offline error is a result of communication
issues between system and printer. When your printer cannot
communicate properly with your system, this specific error
troubles you. It does not let you print or scan or perform any
other printing activity. Your printer goes offline for a lot of
reasons. The major one is highly related to network and
connectivity. A loose wire or unstable network or poor network
strength can boosts Printer Status Offline in Windows 10.
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Solutions to Troubleshoot Samsung
Printer Offline Error:
Solution 1: Check Your Samsung Printer Connection
Whenever this error appears, you need your printer connection with
your PC via USB cables and wired and wireless network connection.
First of all, you need to turn your printer off and then on again.
Leave the printer for some time until it gets ready completely.
Now check the connection of your printer:
If you are using a printer which is connected to your system with a
USB cable, you need to check the cables thoroughly. Make sure that
the USB cables as well as the ports are working fine.
If you are using wired network, make sure that your printer is
properly connected to your system through Ethernet port. Also
check the network signals are flashing or not.
For wireless network, check the router connection and make sure
that you have proper connectivity within printer and system.
Solution 2: Check Printing Status
Turn your printer off and then on again.
Now press the Windows Key and I button at the same
time followed by clicking on Devices.
Open Devices and Printers and right click on the green
checked icon.
Now click on “See What’s Printing” and thus choose
the grey icon.
Right click on it and select “Set as Default Printer”.
Again right click on it to choose “See What’s Printing”.
Now click on Printer and unmark the “Use Printer
Offline” option.
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Call us :1-800-213-8289

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